Edible Spoon Maker

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Make a delicious breakfast treat with the Edible Spoon Maker. It features easy to clean, non-stick grids and is white in color. With power and preheat lights, the …

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  1. Looks like hand grenades on the inside of this rediculous machine. How about using a piece of bread as a spoon? Just saying…

  2. This a real good idea, and if it is a little inconvenient I'll go out of my way five, ten minutes, I need to learn how to cook anyway, and this is one small step perhaps. Next up is packaging material there is a market for people who would gladly pay a few dollers extra, there are people who know a happy little sacrifice now will go along wat to persevere and improve this planet for the future. Because if we can't plan for a better future what is the point of anything?

  3. The kick starter page said it was unsuccessful, does that mean this isn't going to be coming to market? I think it's a really good idea and I would buy something like this assuming it's ~$50 or so.

  4. The hell is the point?? In the amount of time it takes to do all of this, you could eat your entire breakfast. Why do we as a society have to eat everything??

  5. Potential issues I see:
    The spoons don't actually look sturdy enough to use. I'd need to see evidence these things can stand up to normal eating.
    PFOAs are carcinogens, so ceramic is really the way to go, not 'nonstick coating.'
    Waste dough?

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