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Welcome to the next episode of the new series Due Diligence Report – in this episode we dig into 48North Cannabis Corporation traded on the Toronto Stock …

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  1. Hey Tom, a little late getting to watch this, do you have any more detail you can give on how that price target was arrived at?

  2. Financial results 2020 . From July 1 to June 30 2020 per Quarter

    Q1 Sep 19

    Revenues 137 500 000 $

    Production 46250 KG

    Cost of good sold 4 262 500 $

    Biological assets Note 2

    GM 133 237 500

    GM % 97%

    Administration 1 500 000

    Sales 600 000

    Stock opt 550 000

    Depreciation 400 000

    Profit 130 187 500

    Tax 28 146 750

    Net Profit 102 040 750

    EPS 0,49 $

  3. The only question I ask myself is, when to get in.
    It dropped hard the last days…is now the time, or can we expect more loss?

  4. Can't wait for health Canada licence to be posted online! Bought 8500 shares at $1.07 last week. Every .01$ = $85 +/- Sincerely not stressed about my position even though im down $1600 in two trading sessions. Someone with a lot more zeros than me invested 28million 2 weeks ago. Billionaire Guy Laliberte is invested. These two women are underestimated, result driven and focused on PROFITABILITY. IF you go on to Canadas website it clearly states how in October 2019 the next line of cannabis products will be legalized. Creams, drinks, vapes all that shit coming to a province near you. 45,000,000 grams a year. Don't look at the stock price.. look at the market cap that shit has room to at least 2X in a short period of time. Easy moneyyy, excuse my language… I'm a sativa kinda guy.

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