Driver Accused Of Marijuana DUI In Fatal 880 Crash

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One man was arrested, three people were dead and five others injured in a multiple-vehicle crash that shut down all lanes of northbound Interstate Highway 880 …

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  1. This just ruins it for folks who maybe need mj for pain relief or whatnot….pretty soon folks dying of cancer and those in horrible pain will just have to suffer, get high bp and have strokes and or commit suicide because of severe pain…I mean between the pot abuse and those abusing opioid pain meds, pretty soon they'll be no one left …I mean seriously dude??

  2. News based on SUSPICION not FACTS.. Well the facts remain that many children are still alive based on marijuana.. What if it were your child needing marijuana just to live??????

  3. I go to the school that the two little girls who died in the car crash. Almost the entire school was crying. I was crying a lot she was in my class she sat right next to me.

  4. Suddenly there is a documented case of a deadly crash that involved marijuana? If true it’s one single crash, not 30,000 <—— guesstimating here, from alcohol or pills. It’s only been five hours after the crash was cleared and already they know for sure it’s weed? What were his levels? They don’t have a problem telling the public what a persons blood alcohol level is so where’s the details?

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