Dilli Janta Speaks: Should Marijuana be legalised in Delhi?

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Is marijuana a taboo? Should it be legalised in India? Does the youth choose marijuana over alcohol in Delhi? Find all the answers to these questions on this …

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  1. fuck u bitch.. marijuana is satsfaction.. it is not merely a plant.. shut ur fucking theroies n try it to know what it is n dnt spread n ask fools who never tried it…
    it aint a drug it is a medicine.. u dumb fuck

  2. Ask bout alcohol and it's brands. Tons and gallons and thousands and lakhs and plethora of geeks would come out of their pretentious cells and blabber non stop on benefits of gulping alcohol, not only that, they would feel elated while doin so because alcohol is not only accepted but is embraced by the society, moreover it has become more of a status symbol in our country.
    The young corporates take immense pride when they flaunt a bottle of glenfitchh or Jack Daniels or vat 69 but the moment you ask bout mari j, people would shun you, they will blush, they would get embarrass as if somebody has asked them to flaunt their nude bodies in public. This is what you call being part of the rat race, I do because the world does so, this is the temperament we carry.
    Bull shit. Alcohol is acid, it screws you up and makes u outrageously despotic when you are high under its influence. On the contrary, mari j makes you more controlled, balanced and last but not the least it helps immensely in maintaining your composure.

  3. Most of them Dunno shit ABT weed and want to give their opinion. That guy comparing weed with cocaine. idiot and another one doesn't know difference between hemp and Ganja. Stupid people.

  4. I wish it is legalised coz it all depends on us how we consume it coz there is a difference between hidingly smoking and smoking freely under the legalised law weneever people consume anything hidingly obviously we consume more and more at 1 tym coz it's not free but if it is free people will consume it with a limit ..

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