Depersonalization From Weed? 10 Tips To Feel Better (Today!)

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Here’s my Top 10 Tips to feel better if you have Depersonalization from weed! Check out my complete guide to recovery at: …

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  1. DP happened to me. Quit weed and I have been sober for 7 months. I’m so much better now. I thought I would’ve been fucked for life. The DP is almost gone. And I got help, now I’ve been diagnosed with ADD. So I’m on meds to slow down my thoughts.
    I’m not against weed, like at all.
    But some people should stay away. I loved weed, but in retrospect I had an addiction that messed up my mind. Consider the pros and cons and don’t lie to yourself. Is weed good for you or is it just your way to cope with things, like loneliness, too many thoughts and stress? If you say no. Try to quit it for a month. If you say yes, consider a cold turkey. And set some new goals, to keep yourself occupied.
    The first 5 months I had night terrors every night. But now I’m sleeping great again, I think more clearly, I’m a better son, boyfriend and coworker.
    I wasted my teens in a haze, I don’t wanna spend my young adulthood there. If you are just a occasional smoker, remember to set boundaries. Like don’t smoke by yourself, and never prioritize weed over anything unless it’s other substances.
    If you are lost in DP like I were. Quit as soon as possible, you can do it. I root for ya!
    If you are just blazing once in a while, well remember to buy snacks before hand and watch some Tim and Eric.
    If you got any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Peace out

  2. Do you think that the fact that an almost fully developed brain that has had a bad experience with weed compared to the rest of the other situations has a different impact? I had a bad experience with the weed at 4 months of turning 17 years old, I am not an active consumer of marijuana that happened to me the first time I smoked. but that is the only worry i still have, unlike adults who have experienced the same thing. I know that marijuana was not the only factor that promised that I am now feeling generalized anxiety, but that it was the trigger because some weeks after and before the event (with the bad experience with the weed), I was having a lot of stress. . . . . for some flights that had scheduled close dates apart from the emotions and more accumulated stress from long before. thank you pious man for your advice💛

  3. It’s almost been three months since I got this and I can surely say that this video has really helped me ! But I still can’t really recognize myself in the mirror and my own voice seems strange . Emotions are slowly coming back but then I get to overthinking and I have to start from scratch. Please let me know what I can really do here .. Cos I don’t want to be this way for the rest of my life

  4. So…. I got a really bad experience from weed like half a year ago. I think my dpdr has gotten a lot better even thought i have continued to smoke weed. I really like smoking weed, most of my friends do it and in general i like it but i still sometimes get really anxious from smoking. I want to continue doing it. Should i? My condition hasnt gotten worse but i still get kind of scared that it happens again. After the incident i took a 3 month break and then started smoking very little amounts and i am talking like 1-2 inhales from a joint and then taking gradually more and nowdays i can smoke pretty normally without any problems. But should i keep doing it or am i just digging my own grave?

    Ps. Sorry for my bad english and otherwise messy comment.

  5. This is the best video on the whole internet about this problem. Thank you so much! I had a bad trip and this gave me these symptoms. I got told I have ptsd with dp. I’m 3 years after my traumatic experience, but already lost panic attacks and lots of other symtomps I experienced. I was a rough way, tried lots of things, therapists, meditation, etc. What’s your view on ptsd as a result of a traumtic weed experience? Or is it possible that I only have depersonalisation and derealisation? Is it then also possible to feel panic attacks? Or is that only possible with ptsd? What your view on that?

  6. I can relate to everything u said. I do feel guilt because I know I did this to myself and it is so frustrating. This is day 3 for me.. It is hard not to have anxiety over it… Life sucks… Idk how I am gonna get back to work, study, my boyfriend… I really don't. Im so discouraged…

  7. I experienced it at work yesterday
    Got high, then it got very fucking bussy, my manager started yellin at me then boom anxiety rushed through my body and I felt like life wasn't real, like I was dreamin. I will overcome, thanks for your vid

  8. Hello Shaun,
    Thanks lots for the time investment and the information. Undoubtedly, it has helped plenty of people out there. I believe the best is yet to come.
    I'm looking forward to buying the book which you wrote back in 2007 after you had completely recovered from DP .
    I've had a panic attack during a bad drug experience 2 months ago because of smoking weed after that things felt strange. I can't feel connected to my emotions and thoughts. Also, my memories. It seems that recent events are far away when I try to think about what I did a couple of hours ago or yesterday. I get the blank mind, the kind of person without a soul. I am afraid it's not DP, and that I developed some sort of another illness or damaged my brain as it is difficult to remember things.


    Thanks Shaun, you're the best ~~

  9. I’ve had this for 3 months now and I hate it so badly I constantly feel weak my arm is aching and feels so numb my eyesight is horrible I really can’t be asked

  10. I found dpdr help me calm down or loose tension in my head when my anxiety gets out of control …dpdr is really a cool thing our nervous system has to offer us.

  11. I think I have depersonalization and I can’t stop crying because I just can’t do anything, I feel stupid, I can’t study, I’m not able to play piano anymore, I can’t concentrate, I’m not able to do sport with determination like I used to and that makes me so depressed, but above all I feel stupid, I mean a real idiot that doesn’t think or doesn’t understands anything

  12. I’ve had depersonalization since November from getting high for the first time . It makes going to school so much worse than what it is . But summer is coming up & hopefully i won’t stress or obsess anymore about having depersonalization . Thank you for your help & i will try to be patient & not freak out .

  13. Ive been feeling this sins 2011 from bad weed trip I was 14… Now im 22 only had 2 bad panic attacks the first one in 2011 nd again 3 months ago even though im feeling this idecided to smoke weed again and felt that panic attack 1 week after… Starting to feel a little better but id like to recover from all this for people out there like me stay strong your not alone

  14. Hey man. I've had this for 7 months straight from the second I wake to the second I sleep (with so far around 2 hours of snapping out of it since it first started – I snapped out while watching netflix). I've smoked weed countless times over the last few years and have always gone 1 of 2 ways immediately after smoking – usually from the first drag)… i've always felt a rush and felt trapped within myself and my thoughts and have not been able to get words out physically – almost like an infant who doesn't have the confidence to be themselves or to even say what they want to say- or -I would smoke in a comfortable environment with mates and feel incredibly connected to myself and be fine. Having watched your video and been on your website I now see why it happens and that its a fight or flight response. I believe this was set on from weed, however having not experienced it for more than a few days before this is petrifying. I feel like I've ruined my life, and the only way to fix it is dip out with suicide (dark, i know), or go through life as the absolute mess that I currently am.

    I have a few questions:
    1. Is it normal for your voice to change? My voice seems to change drastically from person to person and in different environments – this makes working in a very male dominant environment f-ing hard. My tone of voice has changed and I find that I can't project it at all, I'm usually sarcastic every other sentence although if I'm sarcastic now it comes out incredibly serious and boy have I felt embarrassed a couple of times (can see the funny side *in my head*) however, because of this I just resort to basically not talking whatsoever which makes me come off as either an asshole or someone who's incredibly shy
    2. Is it normal for your hearing to feel blocked or pushed out? My inner ears feel like they're full of water, and it makes it overwhelmingly difficult to distinguish between my thoughts and the environment around me (had a lovely month of thinking I'm schizophrenic – after research, seeing a doc and chatting to a friend who is, I'm not). For example someone could say how quiet and peaceful it is outside, and I just wouldn't even almost comprehend this because I feel so trapped in a bubble in my thoughts and head
    3. Is it normal to struggle heavily with social conversations? I recently went home and couldn't even almost connect or talk with my family – which really cuts deep inside bc I feel like i've failed my parents

    I have most of the classic symptoms stated on your website, *I haven't recognised myself in a mirror for 7 months which scares the sh*t out of me most times, I forget what I'm doing because I feel so zoned into my head – I really struggle with any and every task all day every day, I'm paranoid 24/7 about everything and everyone i see – even though I have no need to be.

    Im really struggling man. I've seen comments from people saying they've had it for years and I just couldn't do that f me. Out of interest, how did yours trigger? Ive seen that you said yours lasted 2 years. 

    *Also is it normal for it to be untriggered or disappear when re-smoking weed? I've since smoked around 3-4 times hoping it would disappear however after the kick of paranoia from the high I just go back to my incredibly isolated bubble (Although these times weren't the "right environment" and tbh I expected them to kick it off anyway – I've just been so desperate to get rid of it. I feel like my life is falling apart. I wake up with dread every morning and just blur through every day. I have so much to be grateful for and feel completely disconnected from myself the world and everyone around me, and I've lost my personality and charisma completely. I can't 'feel' anything physically, and the only emotions I feel are paranoia, dread, and the occasional anxiousness

    Is there anything I can actually do thats tried-and-tested that will get rid of this, because I'm reeaally struggling, man. -Apologies for the length my bro

  15. Hi i smoked weed 2 month ago for the first time of my life and it feelt like i Was in a 2d world and i Was in a thirdpersion and my thirdpersion got thirdpersiond like a infinitiv mirror and the i come back in reality for 10 sekonds then it happend again and everytime i Was moving my self it feelt like i came out of that thirdpersion thing but when i stoped moving i got back to the Thord persionthing i Was wondering what that thirdperson thing is called and why did it feel like i Was geting out of it when i Was moving? thanks for the answers

  16. I had it for like 3 months after smoking weed and it went away after someone told me it was all in my head, I'm gonna smoke again soon but I'm scared I'll have dp again for a long period of time

  17. Its been 5 years it still hasnt went away. The first few months were the worst I have learned to control it but i just want to feel the normal again. 😓

  18. God Bless you Man. I've had this for only a couple days now. I went from being depressed and not eating anything to being not as depressed and having an appetite. I still get nervous/panicky at times but this video is what I'll use for now to help me, because researching it only does make it worse. Is there any way to contact you besides on here for support? It would mean a lot. Hope to hear from you soon.

  19. Hey,
    ive had a bad weed experience i smoked strong weed i got panic and anxiety and i felt like in a dream, pretty unreal.

    now a week later i was on my bed and i felt like i got a flashback a light, short version of the feeling i had when the panic and dream like feeling hit me after i smoked, it really felt like i smoked weed for a minute?

    i felt warm also but luckily it went away after a minute is that also a normal reaction?

    it comes and goes what is that how long does it stay should i exercise or take something?

  20. Sir as i took weed i dont know whether i took thc or cbd , can you tell me did weed in anyway harmful . I did get high only twice in my life can in anyway it affect more physchotic disease other than dpdr , it would be great if you can answer

  21. I strongly disagree that you shouldn’t research the condition. Guys, there is nothing to be afraid of here – I would encourage you to do all the research you need to do. I believe facts are important to know, and that it is important to seek truth. This is a unique opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and to make changes in your life for the better. Once the feelings fade, you will have grown immensely as a person.

    Oh and just to calm you down, I suffered from these feelings severely. I even hallucinated and saw objects around me moving in frames, and even I recovered completely. Shoot me a message if you need support!

  22. Yeah I’ll be smoking and then I’ll stop ,,, it’s almost like withdrawal … and I hate it cause fucking weed made me get anxiety and depression and I’ve never had it before I started smoking

  23. i smoked weed a couple weeks ago and got dp/dr and this isn’t my first time having it. i’m going on vacation in a few days and i wanna smoke weed there. is there any tips on how to not let it get worse?

  24. i smoked weed 3 month ago and was scared as hell… but for 2 month nothing qas changing exept i stop smoking cigarette . one day i was scared on the exam and had exect same feeling as when i smoked . after that i feel DP and i am scared that i will be high forever … what can i do?

  25. Had this for 3 years and still scared it may never go away. Whenever I have kids i want to be able to feel my kids. I want my life back so bad. I bought your manual whenever i first got this condition and read it like 3 times yet i feel like i wasted money on it. Only God knows what’ll happen to me.

  26. I smoked weed some time ago and got this but it only lasted for a day. Fast forward a couple moths after promising I won’t have weed again I tried some more and got the same experience but it again only lasted one day. Is this normal?

  27. I’ve been facing this for more than 2 months now. I’ve tried to deviate my mind every time I feel detached or even focus on it. I can’t recognize the face I see in the mirror and my voice I don’t recognize. My psychologist says it’s all the DP which is causing those feelings. But I need to get to a point where I don’t think of those thoughts. What do I do when I get those thoughts of not being able to recognize myself?

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