Dabs (THC Wax) & Edibles are Punished WAY Harsher than Marijuana (Plant Based) in Many Areas

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  1. Hearing him say a minimum of 180 days in jail for less than a gram of concentrate kinda messes with my head a bit. Just thinking of everyone that carries their pen with them. Or the people that take edibles instead of smoking. This is why everyone needs to watch your videos and educate themselves. You take topics that not many people go in depth with. Awesome video bro! Just when I think I know everything I watch one of your videos lmao

  2. A cannabinoid in cannabis called CB2 is scientifically proven to reduce dopamine release, and to help forget memories related to addiction, which makes sense because cannabis literally makes me Not want other drugs that stimulate dopamine. The article about CB2 is on a website called Quickhit. Cannabis being illegal is inhumane and horrible and wrong in so many ways. Anyone against cannabis is most likely addicted to stimulating dopamine somehow, or unhealthy. Autism is caused by an unhealthy mother who could not produce cannabinoids (which are found in human breast milk) to develop their baby well. I believe Autism is caused directly by marijuana laws due to the fact that Autistic people show incredible improvement (like speaking first words) when they use CBD. Countless other health problems and abnormalities are due directly to overall lack of health and cannabis/psychedelic laws. Marijuana laws are a direct attack against people by the sociopaths who only care about money or sex, they think like monkeys, they might even be dumber and more violent and evil than monkeys. THC cannot harm a healthy living organism. Not a baby, not a dog, not a child, not a bird. I have seen a video of a crow taking a hit from a bong. Marijuana laws are inhumane and are completely unacceptable.

  3. I live in Toronto, I never thought cannabis would be legalized so soon in this country, but hearing all this makes me so grateful to live where I am. I smoke and dab once in a while as well, and I have definitely had over a gram of concentrates on me at a time. To think I can get years in jail for this is insane!

  4. I think the laws for concentrates will stay like this to give power to the judge to decide how to charge. I dont think police like all the kitchens people blow up cooking bho. And it definitely gets you higher if some delta9 shit. The laws arent outdated thats why he said he could get away with shit 5-6 years ago, its how things are progressing. And possession charges arent as negative to employers as theft or sex crimes that are also felonies

  5. back in high school just a couple years ago my school cracked down HARD on drugs. busted everyone we were all on probation but the kids who had dabs (which there were a lot of) got FUCKED often even harder than kids who had shit like cocaine. This was in colorado.

  6. Very interesting video! I think there's a lot to learn from these kind of discussions, along with the effects of the actual drugs themselves. I think the legal consequences are often overlooked for drugs in general for many cases. So it's interesting to learn about this side of the topic.

  7. In Canada (where I live) weed is now legal but I know for a fact that hasish is illegal (very dumb because you can make hashish from weed kif) but Im not sure for wax. However the laws are just nonsens even tho its now "legal". People who sell crack or cocain are less punished then those who sell weed, which is infuriating and completely dumb.

  8. Oddly enough in VA you can get a physician's permission to buy, possess, and use THC-A oil but bud is still completely illegal.

  9. Man, edibles never really effected me but then one day I figured I'd try it again for the hell of it and ate a huge cookie and it made me trip pretty damn hard.

  10. People from cali are good though right? They can carry their pens and edibles they bought from the dispensery right?

  11. THC is only Damaging in high amounts, humans manipulated the plant, so it has much higher THC, natural cannabis with normal THC levels are actually health beneficial, non-addictive, i smoke cannabis myself, if it is the right kind of cannabis your smoking, you will actually live a longer and healthier Life. and another thing: FUCK THE PEOPLE THAT BANNED NATURE!!!!!!!!!

  12. Based on these laws, xanax has less abusive and dangerous properties than marijuana and especially concentrates/edibles. This is just absolutely insane. How does this law protect ANYONE?

  13. That's fucked, in Australia if you get caught with any drug under the dealing amount they will most likely just confiscate it and let you go.

  14. I can see a slightly harsher punishment for oils and edibles because of the potency (compared to how flowers only have so much, where I could put as much THC into a brownie as I want) but it's all THC. Kinda bullshit.

  15. I live in California so I think I’m good
    All the cops out here pussy anyways

    But I only use wax like I bought half an Oz of wax yesterday

    And that’s the first thought I had like imagine if I had this on somewhere like Texas

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