Coming to America: Canada Legalizes POT! πŸ‘Ž πŸ‘Ž

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Parents should raise their children and be perfect examples of how to deal with life, but now fathers and mothers are not together, many kids are on drugs …

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  1. Marijuana makes people dumber and dumber and dumber. Says the guy who can barely string a coherent sentence together and mispronounces the most simple words constantly. Get a grip you nut job.

  2. Crazy because science totally says otherwise. And a lot of these issues that you're bringing up and blaming on cannabis have a lot of other factors that come into play. Marijuana does not kill you, And there is a lot of very successful and very famous people thought smoke pot. I feel like you need to do some up-to-date research.

  3. 1. In Genesis it says I give to you all seed bearing plants. That is straight from the word of God.
    2. Proven fact that we have THC receptors in our brain that is biology. If cannabis is the only plant on this planet that has THC, And God-made us in his image and he made everything on this Earth. That means that we were made for cannabis, 1 + 1 = 2. Now should we be smoking it? Probly not, Thank God intended for us to be eating it did use a get it other ways. That's just looking at it from a religious point of view, We won't even get into the medical benefits of it or the industrial benefits.

  4. Weed can be really good for seeing things as they are. I often smoke when facing a difficult decision, that way my ego doesn't get in the way and come up with a solution that's designed to make things easy for myself instead of simply solving the problem in the most efficient way. Regular smoking, however, leads to the aggressive, ego-related feelings manifesting themselves way too strongly when not "high" (then you smoke and feel like you've been a total idiot the whole day, getting angry over nothing etc). However, that's just me, some people seem to remain productive and active even though they wake & bake every day. I get physically lazy from smoking, so I try to only do it before going to bed, when all activities for the day are done.

    Also, I've noticed that people who bash weed are often the ones who love to binge drink and perhaps use meds that boost their confidence. In other words, insecure people. Perhaps they tried weed and weren't comfortable with the revelations it gave them about their own lives – I know a couple of such cases, at least.

  5. Whether or not mr. Peterson you like pot, doesn't matter. Being that drug laws of any kind including marijuana are unconstitutional as a matter of fact before you start talking smack about it maybe you should realize that cannabis is the material that both our Bill of Rights and our constitution is written on. Stick that in your joint and smoke it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. I agree with most things Jessie says but he lost me on this one , I’m from Canada , we have a pretty good and kind society, we don’t have the issues the states have , and after legalization not much as changed , we legalized for one reason and one reason only , to keep pot away from kids , and let law abiding citizens consume in a controlled environment

  7. So now you're asking me to believe YOU, a complete fraud that doesn't present any form of evidence that weed makes me dumb, and I should be afraid that because I tried a pot, I won't move away from my parents house? Come on, man. If your fear mongering, at least come with an argument thats at least somewhat convincing…

  8. Rebuild the family with Cannabis Jesse
    Hemp for victory
    Victory gardens now . Community centers now . Pot money for local community centers to build family and community networks

  9. Alot of people here justifying weed smoking sin and they're Christian. The Bible tells us to be sober minded.

    There will be NO pot smokers entering into Heaven. God will not allow it.

  10. Did he just say he knows people who died from Marijuana? I mean I can understand you're against legalizing it, but don't shoot yourself in the foot exposing such ignorance you have on the subject matter when you're trynna build a case lmao

  11. I've asked the folks at Guinness World Book to check you out Jesse, I think you might qualify as the dumbest man alive. Only competitor you might have to worry about is Donald Trump.

  12. first time I really disagree with you Jesse. Drugs, pills and man made chemicals are not the same as weed. I've smoked weed all my life and it allowed me not to become a clone, an independent thinker.
    I nvr did it in front of my kids until they were adults.
    it should be done in moderation, not at work.
    everybody needs a reset button and it beats the hell out of becoming a alcoholic.
    So u believe it's ok to sell a bottle of vodka to a 21 year kid but keep that joint away. need to rethink that.
    I've gotten better and better over the years. you really, really don't know what ur talking about when it comes to pot!
    stick to what u know best.
    you might not know it but the biggest majority of ur listeners are pot smokers.

  13. I want you to know.
    The reason more people are staying with their parents now then they did in your generation.
    Is simple and clear cut.
    Today's income to debt ratio makes it far harder to afford a house or apartment and support a car plus expenses.
    The countless tax cuts for the rich and businesses plus laws to protect them from competitions has also massively protected them from average Americans starting their own businesses to complete with them and shrunk the job market.
    Haven help the person if he or she goes to collage and has that debt that can't be bankrupted too..
    Try doing your home work before making claims that are not based on facts.

  14. Im trying to kick the stuff. And think about it..cannibis can literally heal all ailments..that would actually slowly eliminate visits..etc.. the government knows this and they will never intentionally take money out their pockets..dont think they are doing the right thing by legalizing it.. they have an evil plan..something is going to happen.. and please dont tease my grammar..english is not my first language.

  15. Weed is a gateway drug for children, parents don't educate. They are to high. A drug is a drug, it releases the same chemical in the brain as alcohol, meth, coke, ect……Let our children grow up before you poison your children's body.

  16. Nothing is wrong with marijuana! You sound crazy Jesse and you just lost a long time listener! You don't realize that 65% of people support marijuana… Read the comments and you will realize you should NOT have mentioned your opinion on this!

  17. I smoked pot everyday for three years out of high school and thought it was the best thing in the world. Had a load of fun times with it and a lot of bad times with it. I was aware of how it was effecting me mentally when I would be sober such as slower thinking, more lazy, less social, more anxiety etc. But for those years the feeling of it was more important than how it effected me when I wasn't on it. I finally decided it wasn't worth how it changed me and how advancing in life with better jobs was very difficult so I quit completely. Now that I don't do it I feel so much better mentally, physically, and just all out better about myself. Best decision I have made and am a lot happier with life. Also spent hundreds of dollars a year to get high which I could have been saving for the future. I am not against marijuana whatsoever or think it should be a criminal act. It effects everyone differently so to some people it just doesn't cause them problems like it did with me.

  18. first let me just say, i love you jesse, you are AMAZIN!….but we gotta stop the stigma of "weed"…..there are millions of responsible people who use it as a healthy herb, people who use it for debilitating illnesses, people who use it as a super food since a little known fact it is one of natures MOST powerful superfoods….so for people with such influence to still keep acting like medical marijuana is "drugs" or has no place in society….it is harming the millions of people whos lives are better with it and would rather choose it over the thousands of prescription drugs that medical marijuana can replace….it is a medicinal herb….now if you want to debate wether we should be eating it over smoking it then you have a point. but you have to keep in mind that while you were growing up the federal government made it illegal for scientists or universities to produce (let alone publish) any studies that were not pushing negative effects. when america was far and away the greatest country on earth hemp was our number 1 cash crop…..if we can get the stigma out of our culture we can bring back the massive hemp fields and have a number 1 export to help with these "trade wars", not to mention we could be so much more self sufficient since you can make literally just about ANYTHING out of hemp, including building entire houses….can you imagine how much cheaper homes could be if we could go down this road? people would not have to spend their entire lives as a slave to pay a mortgage. we could pay our homes off and save money for retirement which would make our consumer power even STRONGER and contribute more to the economy, which in turn will lead to more jobs and possibly even an organic rising of wages….not to mention the millions of people who could grow it on their own property and process it and build with it on their own…man we would be so much more free from the hooks of corporate america that has aligned with big government from this one move alone! if you care about personal freedoms, not only would the hemp production create a new level of self sufficiency that the federal government has been trying to deny us for almost 100 years…but also as it pertains to medical marijuana why would you want to stop millions of responsible people from doing something they consider beneficial to them. and if they want to be "pothead losers" is that not their right??? you kinda sound like the socialists on this one jesse lol! (just messin)….but they impose their views on things that they really have no idea about and does not effect them…so if someone uses medicinal cannabis they are beta? lol come on jesse. its an amazing plant with an extremely complex chemical composition….it has over 30 different types of anti inflammatory alone….omega 3s and complex fats and cholesterol that are amazingly good for the body. ive met many people who have not been to the dr in decades and they engage daily….the science just doesnt agree with what you are saying. but i do think that if they do legalize it, then we obviously cannot have a bunch of youngsters over doing it and driving around so that is a legitimate concern. one of the only issues ive found my self in disagreement with you. but you do have a point about a sober mind and spirit. but i believe it can put you on a spiritual frequency….things like sugar, caffeine….those are extremely harmful stimulants and considered drugs….highly addictive, changes your brain chemistry and is the causal link of maby many illnesses (sugar i mean)….but i hear nobody going on a campaign against that when it is related to millions of deaths and contributes to the overall unhealthy state of americans….but no outrage for that. and sugar is a completely useless drug, it has no medicinal effects whatsoever (actually the opposite)….it is purely for stimulation and the "high" it gives. so harmful drugs get put in kids drinks and superfood/natural medicine gets a federal ban. lol….thats AMAZIN! jesse it is not about the money they would gain, it is about the money they would lose, that is why it has taken so long when it is proven safer than 99.9% of anything the fda ever approved. they DO NOT want the people being self sufficient and this plant could singlehandedly get us off the plantations of the big banks and the pharmaceutical industry! the proof is already in the pudding.

  19. God made that plant for us, i dont sgree with you here jesse, dont attack weed its a healing miracles from god, do your research it fights cancer

  20. I guess I would say look at the weed from the 1960s till now, the extreme potency. And that's the underground marketing.Noe image a pharmaceutical company with billions behind it to reengineer weed vs hybrid……..look at GMOs.

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