CNN – Smoking Weed Live – New Years 2018

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Thought last year’s CNN New Years special was a joke? Not even CNN can top a drunken Don Lemon begging for nipple piercings and a boyfriend – right? Nope – CNN refuses to do anything even…


  1. Wow dude, i love your videos.. Watch them all the time. Never noticed your liberal woman song upload, fucking great song!

    But jesus, i've never seen something get attacked so bad by youtube lol. It literally warns you before viewing it.

    Fuck these pussy liberals, can't make fun of people anymore.

  2. I just exposed my mother and her new husband to your channel on new years eve.

    It was glorious.

    I'm 40. I'm old. But this list of long vids pointing out the obvious was a big hit. She kept asking "is this real?"

    Yes, this is. It's what happens when facts slap you about the face and head.

    So, you know have two 60 year old subscribers and a proud son thumping his chest like a raging ape in a pool…

  3. Some people are little people, They have little minds, and they think theyre cool, Your channel is garbage like your President, Get a Life Loser

  4. CNN attempting to hipster with a flock of stoner hipster Mikes: the cringe binge.

    Would've been better if leatherface had turned it into the 'murder-suicide bus', and fulfilled her chainsaw wielding destiny.

  5. That's the bus CNN's news anchors ride on to go to work. And CNN is too stupid to understand how much more of the little credibility they thought they still had, gone. LOL

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