CBD Oil*Does It Really Work?

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Hey guys, I wanted to give you a little update on how I’ve done with the CBD Oil. It has been about 10 days. Sorry I didn’t get this out last Friday like I had …

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  1. I just started taking CBD oil from a dropper. A friend gave me a bottle. $59 he said it costed. I have chronic back pain and "everything you can think of pain"
    However, I must not be taking enough….no results. ???

  2. Well reality is hitten me this suck….like I said consoltaion is wed..Omg so I see all these video s what happen just yesturdsy hello God bless you all..

  3. They just opened a new hemp shop in my town. I stopped by there on my way home to see what they recommended for anxiety and panic attacks. Ended up getting several of the CBD lollipops and a 400mg bottle of the oil. (Plus some hemp lip balm lol). Have never used CBD before.Trying one of the 25mg pops right now.
    Thanx for the video Stephanie!! Hope you are doing well!

  4. Thank you for the update on the CBD oil 😊 I've been wanting to try some for so long, I keep reading and seeing all these good reviews but then I see the bad ones too and just didn't know what to do! Now that I hear your review on it I'm gonna give it a try!! I so need something to help with my migraines, anxiety and insomnia… I HAVE to get off Ambian because it caused me to do some pretty stupid things, scary even!… Hope I have the same results you do! Love ya girl and Merry Christmas!! πŸ€—β€οΈ

  5. That's so awesome! Jason and I had been talking yesterday about taking CBD oil for his back pain and me for my knee pain. It's supposed to be an anti-inflammatory. I found some capsules on Amazon that had great reviews and a great price. And we'd talked about giving it to Dexter to help calm him down, especially for vet visits. Rock on!

  6. I love CBD oil and thc. I'm off all narcotic pain meds because of it. It's like I have my life back! I've been doing it for about a year!! Gotta love living in Oregon!!!!

  7. So glad the CBD is working. I would like it even to improve sleep. Did you get the one in the bottle with the dropper? They had a few choices when I checked out the website.

  8. If it did nothing else besides help me sleep it would be worth trying. I'm on 2 meds for anxiety and am curious to see how that works out too.

  9. So happy to hear that it is helping you! I'm on so much narcotics for my back and knees, I'd love to get off of them! They're not good for the liver! They don't sell CBD oil here in SC, so I'd have to order it! Especially after just finding out I have 2 more herniated discs in my back! That is so awesome that you aren't having the sleep problems anymore! Take care and have a wonderful week! ❀

  10. Have you heard of kratom? I have heard a few people say that the kratom is better than the cbd oils. I haven't tried either one, but there are many that swear by both of them. Hope everything keeps going good for you.

  11. So glad you are getting some relief from the pain. My husband has wanted me to discuss this option with my doctor and after hearing your testimonial I am more inclined to discuss it with her at my next visit. Thanks for sharing your story. Love ya!

  12. So happy it's working for you I have read that it also comes in capsules does it bother your stomach I know we have a lot of the same issues with the fibro autoimmune thing and you know there's a lot of stomach issues that come with that I don't need to tell you. But so glad it's helping you thanks for the information

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