Catholics and Marijuana

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01:34 – Part I – Church Teaching 06:15 – Part II – Theological Opinion 12:29 – Conclusion “If I should say anything that is not in conformity with the Holy Roman …

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    Yes there is moderate marijuana use. States that have legalized marijuana have addressed the issue of moderate marijuana use by labeling the amount of THC and other cannabinoids in the products they sell. Cannabis can be processed into several different forms and different forms are often derived from different strains of plants. Think of different dog breeds. There are concentrates with high THC, there are low THC strains of flower, there are edibles high in THC and CBD, there are products and cannabis flowers that that are high in a cannabinoid called CBD that have no psychoactive effects. This is roughly equivalent to the spectrum of hard liquor on one end vs. non-alcoholic beer on the other.

    In addition, everyone has a different tolerance. Someone who smokes every day will not be affected the same as someone who smokes once a year. Taking into account tolerance, the type of cannabis you ingest/consume, and the method you ingest/consume cannabis all play a role in whether it will either make you inebriated, or just relaxed and in a better mood. Nice job mentioning the cannabinoid burn off during combustion, not a lot of people know that. There are actually techniques that heat cannabis to the ideal temperature to reduce that combustive burn off you mentioned. Unfortunately, there are many religious groups, usually in the older age groups who make laughably ignorant, unscientific claims about cannabis that in turn, make the people they influence come to think smoking a joint of CBD flower is the same as doing heroin.

    Cannabis has the affect of enabling some to focus closely on a certain subject–think about how many artists and musicians use cannabis as a way to channel their creativity–naturally, cannabis can also help some pray in a more focused manner. Obviously, this does not apply to everyone because everyone is different. Why wouldn't the use of cannabis for individuals who feel this way actually be encouraged. In reality, the Catholic Church's position on marijuana could be wrong. I mean, the Catholic Church once held that the proposition that the Earth and planets revolving around the Sun was a "foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in many places the sense of Holy Scripture," and then proceeded to burn Galileo life's work. Source: Galileo's life.

    In addition, there are numerous passages in the Old Testament which seem to indicate God placed seed bearing plants on this earth for our consumption and enjoyment. Some of these make more sense if you know how to read Hebrew, which is the language God speaks directly to man according to the revelation on Mt. Sinai. The word "calamus" and sweet cane, or aromatic cane in most translations talking about the holy anointing oil in Exodus is due to a likely mistranslation of the bible from it's original Hebrew to Koine Greek. Think about that, the words kaneh-bosm came out of God's very mouth. How many unique words are in the first five books of the Bible? Like 8,769? And God chose that for all time the word kaneh-bosm should be included. Pretty significant if it was in fact a reference to cannabis. What if the suppression of cannabis fits into line with that Great Apostasy idea in Christianity? The word kaneh-bosm may have been incorrectly translated to calamus or sweet cane or fragrant cane, despite the fact that the root of the word (only mentioning the pre-translation because you went back to the Latin. I agree, it helps to go back to the original language) is closer related to the word for cannabis among related languages of the same region. For more reading on this hypothesis, check out: EARLY DIFFUSION AND FOLK USES OF HEMP by Sula Benet (

    In addition, some verses of the Old Testament simply refer to this herb as kaneh. The exact meaning has been lost, much like the word selah, but we can attempt to reconstruct meaning. Kaneh may be cannabis. Here's a short list of nine or so verses that reference God creating herbs and that humans may consume them and specific times kaneh-bosm is mentioned: Genesis 1:11-12, Genesis 1:29, Genesis 2:16, Genesis 3:18
    , Exodus 30:23
    , Isaiah 43:24
    , Ezekiel 27:19
    , Psalms 104:14-15, Song of Songs 4:14
    . The word is קְנֵה-בֹשֶׂם – kaneh-bosm; Hebrew is read right to left. To conclude, in a response to Illinois Catholic Bishops opposing legalization in Illinois, a proponent of legalization commented “Cannabis is a natural substance." “God put it on this planet for a reason. I don’t know why the bishops are concerned about undermining God’s credibility.” (

  2. Woah hold up.

    Some issues immediately present themselves.

    1. "Stupifying" medications – You gave a definition here, and a pretty good one, but did not attempt to demonstrate that Cannabis qualifies (or of it does, that all Cannabis qualifies, instead of some varieties and not others). You just carried on under the assumption that this term is even applicable to Cannabis. I'm not saying I can prove the contrary, just that you didn't address at all whether it is or isn't necessarily stupifying. Very important, because if it isn't, then the argument is over before it even begins.

    2. You implied that medicinal use requires a doctor's input. This is definitely false. The Church has already spoken on this matter. In 1955, when Pius XII relaxed the rules of the Eucharistic fast to allow water and medicine within the fasting period, he defined Medicine for us as "that which is prescribed by a doctor, *or which is commonly regarded as such.*" For instance… You don't need a doctor to tell you to drink Robotussin (a much stronger and more dangerous drug than Cannabis btw) if you have a bad cough. Everyone knows it to be an effective cough suppressant. Likewise, until the prohibitionist movement of the early 20th century, every single person on planet earth who knew of the existence of Cannabis at all regarded it as medicine. It is still listed in the US Pharmacopoeia as such. Ergo, if you live in a jurisdiction which allows its use without a doctor's input, you are not required by Holy Mother Church to seek the approbation of a professional. Not only that, but St. Hildegard of Bingen, a physician and Doctor Of The Church, prescribed cannabis for even very minor conditions like headaches and melancholy. Literally everyone gets headaches and melancholy sometimes. Many people suffer from these conditions constantly. Likewise, Pope John XXI, one of the most important physicians of the late middle ages, prescribed it for a number of very minor conditions, the sorts of things which sane and responsible people don't actually go to a doctor for.

    3. You say we need to adhere to a current understanding of medicine (purity, efficacy, dosage, etc…). You offer no evidence for this claim whatsoever. Indeed, with St. Hildegard having been elevated to the Altar only recently, and declared a Doctor Of The Church in large part for her medical treatises, it would seem obvious that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI does not share your opinion that the modern understanding of medicine is in any way correct, nevermind superior or necessary to our ability to make a sound moral judgement in this case.

    One final thought, in regard to the argument against recreational use because getting a "high" supposedly isn't a moral good." The greatest prophet aside from Our Blessed Lord was King David. It was he whom Our Lord referred to as "The Prophet," the only one of the prophets to receive such an honour. The Holy Ghost spake through him thusly:

    "He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for people to cultivate- bringing forth food from the earth: wine that gladdens human hearts, oil to make their faces shine, and bread that sustains their hearts."

    If what makes wine a good gift of God is that it gladdens human hearts, then the gladdening of the human heart is very high good indeed.

    Seeking that is not sinful.

  3. It’s never ok to do drugs unless you really need it for medical use other then that your not being sober minded. The Bible says stay sober be vigilant because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour!

  4. Personally I see the ression to smoke as to relax, sleep, and releave stress. While I dont smoke a lot, and havent in awhile (Im in college and the stuffs expensive) Iv never really felt numbed by it (Mabey the type or the amount) but rather just more relaxed and often able to think less linerly and with more creativity.

  5. They do have Medicinal Marijuana that has low thc. It’s a 1:1 ratio. That strain is commonly used for people that have Anxiety and Cancer and wants the benefits of pain relief and nerve tension but it won’t get you high like a kite. Im glad I came across this video cause I needed an updated teaching on the use of Medical Marijuana. As far as recreational that’s when we may run into problems as we do with over use of Alcohol. Moderation is key to keep the intellect at will. 🙏🏽🙌🏽☝🏽

  6. I'm not Catholic, I go to Orthodox instead, but I use weed for my anxiety from stress, so I can sleep at night as also be socialable, bearable to be around in social functions since otherwise I would be too intense for others to handle

  7. Also no not moral at all but if u are liberal than I wouldn't think u care also I am here to promote the Latin mass
    God is most presences within the Latin masses

  8. Hi father Chris ( theologian, author, and philosopher) marijuana is a sin unless use of medical purpose only
    If used inappropriately it us a moral sin and also Harry potter is said to be left allow by leading Catholic preist that are exorcist
    It is believed the devil is linked to the " wizarding world" I know good movies but if u care stay away

  9. Tabacco in the form of second hand smoke has been scientifically studied and shown to have a detrimental effect on humans. How and why would the church permit this?

  10. U can smoke and still function if the CBD portion of it is high while still feeling the therapudic side of it CBD actually lowers the effect of thc and gives u more healing properties but the high thc of weed now a days being more than 10 or 15% is unnatural due to more chemicals

  11. I’m completely in favor of the legalization and liberalization of marijuana use in the US. I don’t use it, but I do enjoy a good 20 oz beer once in a while and I drink coffee like a fiend. What can I possibly say to anyone else?

  12. That was super informative and balanced – kudos! I don't have anything to add really, as I don't smoke, but a friend was prescribed medicinal weed because of the severity of his migraines (he ends up in the hospital), and it has made a massive difference in his life – like, he can actually function and doesn't have to take a week off of work at a time when these cluster headaches hit.

  13. We too talked about CCC 2290 in our "Fermentation Friday: Oktoberfest" in how it relates to proper use of alcohol . . . like how is says nothing about not being drunk in space. -Jessica

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