Cannabis Used To Alleviate Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2

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During the 2016 420 celebration in Winnipeg, Kristen Aldrich, one of the organizers read the speech of Crystal Rondeau, a woman who has suffered her entire …

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  1. The only problem I have with marijuana is the damn smell. I live in CO so it's legal here. And damn, just driving by one of the shops it smells nasty. Not alone when they are smoking it. It smells like skunk

  2. I've been trying to wake people up to the reality that there is ONLY ONE SOLUTION to the problems of prohibition, and so far, we've tried EVERY POSSIBLE OPTION BUT THE SOLUTION!

    So when do we just REPEAL Cannabis Prohibition, and end this idiocy once and for all?

    Do we wait until our "heroes" stop telling us that THEY need our support "to write more words on more pieces of paper to give more of our rights to corporations?"

    Do we wait until our "elected representatives" stop telling us that "Don't worry…this NEW TAX and NEW LICENSING REGIME and NEW REGULATORY FRAMEWORK and NEW FEES will fix everything…like it fixed everything else that we keep making worse when we promise to fix it."

    Do we wait until the corporations COMPLETELY take over, and we need to pay even more than black market rates?

    The one thing that, over the last decade, I've become absolutely certain of,is that the ONE THING that would actually END the problems created, maintained and expanded by prohibition is the one thing we will continue to REFUSE to do.

    And we honestly won't have the slightest idea why things keep getting worse, even as "our heroes" keep getting richer, and we keep paying more and more and more…

    I wonder if our great grandchildren will have enough brains to do ANYTHING about it?

    WE damned sure don't…

  3. The thing that drives me crazy about all this is that it is none of the damn business of government. The fact that we have to even fight over this in a first world country like Canada in your case or the USA in my case, is stunning.

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