Cannabis Store Makes Shopping For Marijuana Easy

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MedMen located in downtown LA is elevating the drug’s retail experience. The retail chain sells a large variety of marijuana and cannabis products, including …

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  1. Man I hope they allow these stores in my city. It would be so much fun to walk in there and check out all the buds. Bring some friends, and make friends when I go in. Each week buy a couple grams of the latest good strain, or whatever is on sale. It would be a great social activity and hobby.

  2. The intensity of these comments man๐Ÿ˜‚ it's just weed, chill. This channel is to educate/spotlight on new and trending topics and businesses. With marijuana being fairly recently legalized in some states, it's seems pretty reasonable for it to show up here. And the comments about kids watching. Y'all don't think kids know wtf weed is? If they're on YouTube, I'm sure they've learned plenty of other "restricted" things too. Calm down, no one is forcing anyone to buy marijuana, or watch this video.

  3. This is not spam this legit. Check out the site Greenrush. com. and use my code HERBS4U so you can take advantage of your local dispensaries selling weed, edibles, etc… ONLINE and have it DELIVERED to your door, or P.O box so random people don't be at your door. Now listen you can only buy if you have a medical card to buy from dispensaries. But if you got a card? JUST DO IT! Lol Ask your dispensary bros to know what strains are the best and use this code to get the best for cheap. Get to the site, save money, and smoke up…. Or eat up with an edible.๐Ÿ˜†

  4. Almost everyone here is uneducated and biased. First, weed has never killed anyone. Second, you can't get addicted to it. Third, it's legal recreationally in a couple of states and medically in even more states. Lastly, it doesn't cause cancer the same way cigarettes do. Cigarettes are mostly bad for you because of all the added chemicals and shit they put in it. Weed also has many medicinal benefits like healing/killing cancer cells, helps with menstrual cramps, stopping seizures, helping you sleep, etc.

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