Cannabis – Legalization Is Not a Good Thing! (Taxation And Regulation) "Times Have Changed"

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Thing’s Have Really Changed when it comes to Weed/Marijuana/Cannabis… But legalization is definitely not a good thing now they took our last currency from …

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  2. I was talking today with perps and I guess I could get a Job despite my blacklisting, as a opinion polls worker 🙂 After telling them about the massive genocide ahead of us, one of them replied completely emotionless " we all die and its at least good to know the cause of it" To much Halloween me thinks, this person went through.

  3. Buddy trust me I go off every time I look at my fucking pay stub and I see 300 a week come off my pay cause those fuckin thieves take It, where does it go cause if I'm outta of a job E I treated me like I'm bumming money from them , oh sir you have to wait 8 weeks then you only get he max of 1100 per month , mean while they take fuckig thousands from me , if I had my way I'd say fuck his health care cause it's shit anyway I'd rather pay for my health care and have good health care but wht ever social communist health shit care and a shit welfare system that gives to immigrants but does fuck all for our own , I'm done with government I can't wait for the day when people wake up and take back what's rightfully ours but don't hold your breath. Stay safe man ttys bro.

  4. You just killed it, most people are stuck in a material world. People want stuff because others have stuff and the stuff is just stuff. All of this is temporary

  5. "Doctors have linked marijuana use during pregnancy with increased risk for complications. These may include:

    low birth weight
    premature birth
    small head circumference
    small length

    So I guess it is not the answer to the question about the purpose of life 🙂

  6. the problem with legalization I see in your country if you get pulled over driving high they want to throw ppl in jail for driving while high and give them 10 years.

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