Cannabis for controlling HIV, Kaposi, Tuberculosis,pulmonary hypertension

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the science for controlling the illnesses in title.

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  1. Dr. Melamede, first of all…all the respect in the world for you and your work…my question is how should i be treating my asthma? Im on alberol and itroprobium bromide many times a day and its not getting any better. an elder once told me cannibus could be used as an anti-inflammatory. any insight?

  2. Dr. Melamede,

    Can you comment on if cannabis consumption positively or negatively affects users with NAFLD? Non alcoholic fatty liver disease..

    Thank you

  3. To my knowledge, HIV has never been observed killing T-cells in cell culture so the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is very spurious as Dr. Duesberg has been pointing out for many years.  My question is, though, do you think inhaling cannabis smoke is really healthy for the heart and lungs over time?  And do you think inhaling butane through pipes could poison recreational users over time?  What is the proper use of cannabis in your opinion?  Have cannabinoids been shown to kill viruses?

  4. Always interesting to hear you talk on this subject Dr Bob. At around the 4:30 mark in the video did you mean to say fat burning mode as you ( I think accidentally) said sugar burning mode. Thanks again. P.S we still can't get CBD oil imported to Australia thanks to our backward thinking bureaucrats.

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