Canadian Task Force Findings on Cannabis Legalization & Regulation

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Source: Watch on Periscope: Press conference to discuss the findings of how …

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  1. Preface: Marijuana is a plant, the prohibited substance and it is the plant to which nicotine is derived. Because tobacco had to protect its product patent recipie. Cannabis is a plant(weed)not a scheduled anything. So drop the double speak.
    First: Cannabis hurts the pharmaceutical market, because it replaces many harmful DRUGS, it hurts the alcohol market, because it's recreationally more enjoyable and therapeutic and it hurts the tobacco market because it is a healthy alternative for inhalation. it does NOT hurt human health, and even recreational use of Cannabis is preventative medicine.
    Second: You have NO right what so ever to regulate our gardens, what herbs and weeds and flowers we grow and harvest from our gardens.
    Third: DRUGS are cooked chemical compounds in laboratories. Not cooked in a standard kitchen.
    For example: poppies could be grown and consumed for herbal, or they can be harvested and cooked chemically in a lab to derive opium and opiate derivatives, this is done by pharmaceuticals and cartel drug dealers.
    Furthermore this is a monopoly grab by the corporations of Canada and the regime corporation Canada for tax purposes. Namely big pharmaceutical, big alcohol and big tobacco which all have petitioned to be operators and distributors of this medicinal therapeutic herb, this is an absolute kick in the pants of all naturopathic practitioners. what's next you going to tax dandelion? Milk thistle? Dill weed? Stinging Nettle? Kings foil?
    Why has there been no discussion on OHIP COVERAGE OF THIS MEDICINE THEN? Why are so many entrepreneurial growers being arrested in the last two years while this framework is being unveiled????? There are two major strands of Cannabis: indica and sativa. Indica is a downer and all users who use it will never feel like driving afterwards, they will be grabbing the bags of Doritos and Cheetos and getting comfortable every time. Within hours will be clear to drive again. Sativa is an upper-stimulant and I dare you to test drive me on sativa, as it does not impede function; it assists function in those who already have impaired function.
    Currently this legal framework is nothing but a complete legal obstruction of my livelihood as a heavy machine operator and I could only operate on cannabis with my nerve damage.
    If you want to learn more, stop listening to allopathic practioners, stop listening to greedy lobbyists who are clearly paying for your agenda. And ABOVE ALL stop referring it cannabis as a DRUG, it is a plant, it is herbal, it is therapeutic, & stop comparing it to alcohol, you only reinforce the STIGMA. Pure unadulterated cannabis in any form or derivative is still a natural herbal product; whether that is butter, oil, resin, crystal or dried.

  2. Weed is 100% safe nothing dangerous about it no different the a pack of smokes any idiot who claims weed is dangerous is a lier fact. Government needs stay out of it you only destroy your all terrorist. Fuck your rules we will never fallow u crooks

  3. they have to say there is 'risks' in using cannabis because they need to control you.cannabis was made for our bodies, these assholes who hold patents on the plant, are trying to take complete control of this over us AFTER they have beat us over the head for decades and making us 'guilty'. They are nothing but revenue makers for their queen. They do not represent us, they represent the queen and her rule over us…..they are the enemy.

  4. They are nothing but liars and manipulators who turn everything into THEIR favor. They hide behind 'law' that they write. They are rogue, and do not deserve our consent. It is only through our consent that they can continue to function……come out of her.

  5. Spring of 2018 Cannabis should be legal here in Canada and I think they're still going about it all wrong in my opinion; to each their own though. Our governments are not stepping up and talking about the fact that there would be a lot less war if we turned to hemp for fuel. There would be a lot less pollution is we started using hemp for our textiles. There would be little to no disease it we started incorporating cannabinoids and their essentials oils and terpenes in our diets more. Most our our medicines should be derived from the cannabis plant and we should have a better understand of the difference between the different cannbinoids.

    For example, for our governments to start saying cannabis is not that bad, which it is not though, and do say it's ok to smoke it and also be promoting CBD as well because it doesn't get you as high…They're s doing more harm than good if you're not educated on this and still keeping the doors open for doctors and health issues.

    THC acts as a bronchial dilator and keeps your lungs clean however for folks that are turning to CBD rich strains for their anxiety have you noticed have fast the screens are getting dirty on your bongs? Have you notice any changes in your lungs? If you're not consuming enough THC in your strains than you're just asking for issues with COPD down the road.

    This is from my own personal experience and research but I would sure like to hear what others think.

  6. smart people …. yes, Smart People know the truth… marijuana is harmless… impossible to overdose on cannabis… do the research… legalize medical and recreational = use revenue state and fed to fund health care social services ect…. Merch Says, "Legalize It!!!" why it's legal in D.C. what's up with that??? Canada's going completely Legalized this year.

  7. the 30 gram possession limit would only be for when ur not at ur house? so they haven't recommended a limit of how much u can have at home?

  8. at least it's legal/but they are idiots,to think you can control the height of a plant,,,,,some plants that are short ,still can produce 300-450 grams if cared for right……idiots………………………………..jda

  9. Pardon my language, but fuck that. Law enforcement is going to ruin people's lives over this plant but when it's legalized they're like "we want in". Cops don't deserve any of the profit made from something that they fought against. If I had my way, I'd strip all the immoral cops and judges of their authority for throwing good innocent people in jail. If they can't tell the difference from right and wrong (or just don't care) they shouldn't have this kind of power. But hey, Hitler's followers were just doing their job. Lets give them money for ruining innocent people's lives too (sarcasm).

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