Can you grow cannabis in the winter?

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Our next vlog finds Henry at his new experimental fields in Catalonia, testing out some different varieties of hemp to see if he can get a functioning crop growing …

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  1. i am agronomist and tried the same here in athens the weather is good, now i am in the 4th week i hope in the next weeks have some certain facts i tried Tiborszallasi and Finola. Finola already has some problems. Tibor goes unexpectly very well. I will try to plant some more after 21 of December because of the chronoperiod.

  2. I appreciate your work man.. I want to ask …how It could buy cbd oil from you … in my country cannabis under any form is illegal ..
    here people even die, because we do not have access to the healing that only nature can offer us..this right is actually violated..and we continue to be sick..please i need a answer…

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