Can Marijuna Cause Cancer? How Harmful Is Marijuana?

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There’s a lot of potheads claiming to just smoke pot because it doesn’t cause cancer. In this I did a bit of research on the matter. Anyone can smoke pot or not; …

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  1. If most of us all die before 85 than we can confirm we will die no matter what people act like weed will make you live longer. Or preserve infinite life. Idiots

  2. The issue I have with most of these studies is that they assume, as you have, that smoking pot is at least as harmful as tobacco, if not worse. Problem is, no study has proofed that out, and in fact, there are far more studies that indicate little to no increase in risk. There appears to be damage to the cilia as with any smoker, but little to no decline in lung function or increase in COPD. Some studies have even shown a protective effect from cancer for those who also smoke cigarettes, especially with heavy users of marijuana. Even, the official gov't website, admits that marijuana has been shown to kill cancer cells in laboratory settings. Science has been very prejudiced towards marijuana, and nearly all of the studies say "may" or "might" or "could", because they are extrapolating (assuming).

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