Brett Favre on quitting Vicodin: I shook every night

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GreenBay #Packers Hall of Famer Brett Favre speaks openly about his addiction to painkillers, feeding his habit and how he quit cold turkey Want to see more?

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  1. Yeah they gave my home team the dolphins, " Ricky my man williams" shit multiple times over weed and the rest of the NFL. Could take all the oxys they could prescribe.

  2. STFU About hydrocodone being the problem when everyone knows its oxycodone and others. Hydrocodone was the only one that works and is NOT physically addictive. And now look at all the problems with the illegal and stronger drugs replacing it and is only getting worse. Stupidest fuking move the govt ever made. These roads being laid cant be undone either. They know it and still wont turn back. That says something scary about the state of this union. Gonna live like fat Romans or work yer ass off, but have to live in pain. Well suck down yer cokes by the 2 liter and gobble those fukin snack foods no one fukin care anyway… Makes no sense…

  3. He does not look in pain to me try having a head on collision on a motorcycle and it becoming chronic as well as migraines from hell.

  4. These pro players and the wealthy ones have access to better faster tools to get them off opiates and wish it was available for everyone but it’s super expensive found this out when I heard about certain elite binge parties one high profile star secret got out tmz I think had the story of Denzel Washington in hospital for coke detox long story short these people have access to tools that we don’t so their recovery time is way less than what’s available to us

  5. I can tell you right now without a doubt just by his demeanour he is not telling the truth. Taking 15 a night will destroy you when you are coming off will not just shake every night you will be going in sane another millionnaire acting like he had it hard when in reality he had every option available to him please give me a break I do not feel sorry for him As he sits there and God knows how much she’s being paid for this interview he wrote a book police he paid someone to write a book and signed it

  6. the pain killers get them all by doctors gave them to me for 26 years till i lost my insurance and they refused to listen to anything i said. went from 180 vicoden 10s to zero

  7. SSOOOOOOO much respect for Favre being so candid, & opening up his soul to the world!

    What speaking openly like this does, is it tells other addicts who are in the closet that there is a way out. There's a life without this drug poisoning your body, every gaw'damn day.

    As a fellow recovering addict & alcoholic I salute you Brett. This video alone, probably saved 100 struggling addicts who likely thought they would die from this affliction.


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