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How Patrick Soon-Shiong fights the world’s most difficult diseases.

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  1. CHER's currently suing dr Patrick soon-shiong for duping her into selling her shares in his company at only $1.50 per share, and right after, he publicly declared that he's now developed a miracle cure for HIV and cancer! I wish CHER lots of luck, as BILL GATES also has the same cure for HIV-which the UK's 50% of HIV Positive migrants now infecting so many British men and women, surely the UK's NHS should become business partners with this company, buying the shares within his company at $1.50 a share, same as bought from CHER!-As the UK 's NHS budget is being wasted on the careless abuse of sexual encounters by these migrants, who are literally creating a plethora of deseases which the NHS cannot afford, as the NHS budget is being spent on such unnecessary costs

  2. ProMetic Life
    Sciences Inc. (TSX: PLI) (OTCQX: PFSCF) ("ProMetic" or the "Corporation") announced today that California Capital Equity,
    LLC, has exercised 44,791,488 share purchase warrants at a price of $0.47 per share for total
    proceeds of $21,051,999.36 to the Corporation.
    "Our increased equity position in ProMetic represents a long term and strategic investment for us", said Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, Chief Executive Officer of California Capital Equity, LLC. "ProMetic has robust
    proprietary therapeutic platforms, promising growth potential and several plasma derived therapeutics expected to reach
    commercialization stages, starting in 2017 with plasminogen.  We, through other investment vehicles, also have an on-going
    partnership with ProMetic in relation to IVIG and anticipate further collaborations going forward", added Dr. Soon-Shiong.
    Commenting on the exercise of warrants by California Capital Equity, LLC., Mr. Pierre Laurin,
    President and Chief Executive Officer of ProMetic Life Sciences Inc.,
    said: "We are delighted to see our long-standing
    relationship with Dr. Soon-Shiong, which dates back to 2008, continue
    to evolve as we prepare for our first commercial launch in

  3. My daughter suffered from cystic and severe acne ever since the lady was 13. She’s now 36 and only this past year completely got rid of her pimples. She stumbled upon the Acne Executioner (Google it) and this method showed her how to cure acne breakouts.

  4. I am well aware of his history. I lived in South Africa and have South African relatives. I don't think that South Africans should go around claiming people who have left the country and have claimed other citizenships as their own. It looks bad. All you hear about is Elon Musk, Patrick Soon-Shiong, Charlize Theron, Gary Player, etc. all of whom are American citizens, some of whom have renounced their South African citizenship.

  5. see more about Bill Gates, Brain Development and Billonärs. NeuroScience with Daniel Siegel and comments about wrong school systems. Peter Fonagy. Damasio.


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