Berner Explains Why He's NOT Investing in Marijuana Stocks (Part 2)

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Watch Part 1: ————————- Berner spoke to VladTV about getting in the marijuana industry at the ground level and working his way …

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  1. not gonna lie vlad didnt know shit about berner before this interview he had no clue what he was asking just reading the script do you homework on everybody not just the ones you like

  2. Berner is the most underrated artist to ever exist. He's put out more music then most and his albums are unlike most….really good. He's got money and doesn't need to make music but does it anyways. He backs himself. You can't name the greats from the Bay and not include him. Anyone who knows anything knows that his town produces some thorough dudes.

  3. I'm sad to hear he is going to be private for now. I believe cookies has the strongest name in the game. Everyone who has had legal bud knows cookies is good. Only Extokiz and Jungle Boys are the brand names aka the growers.

  4. since this video was made a year ago…… I think Berner is going with legit brands more if he has not in the past. He just partnered with Strain Hunters!!!!!!! If you want to invest into this the company is Slang Worldwide (they own the rights to Strain Hunters) ! check it out!!!!!!!! And yes Berner is correct that one day someone some company will invest in his company or buy it completely! Maybe it will be Slang.

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