Aurora Cannabis THE KING AWAKENS! Canopy, 48 North & MediPharm Labs

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  1. Shit I’m in deep into labs coming to open tomorrow I’m a little scared the pull back has already started but with your prediction I should cut my losses right now, I’m only losing 590$ of 6.5k profit, but I don’t want to be too dreamy about the idea of making it back, I’ll be up at 9:30, but if you see this message tell me what you think should I wait a little bit long or do you thing the pull will be continuous down to 3$

  2. Thank you for another great video. I was wondering what platform you're using and who is your data provider. Even if you make a video on that that would be great. cheers.

  3. I'd be interested in hearing your predictions of ACB's Q3 report and how you think it will affect the stock. Also with more announcements and news from Aurora and the possibility of a partnership any day, in the near future do you think ACB will decline to the target price again before a permanent rise in price?

  4. I’m surprised you discussed winter production as it is entirely non existent. The growth plan of 40,000kg in a single harvest, consider how CWEB harvests their hemp. I’ve been covering NRTH since October of last year and recently covered NRTH in the most recent due diligence series. You should check that out for a deeper analysis. Cheers – happy to see your channel growing.

  5. YOU WERE right, i sold my ACB at 12.80$ than bought more at 11.30$ , i jumped into IAN at 5.91$ and now its up 6.80$! BECAUSE OF YOU I MADE enormous profit! THANK YOU, predictions 11/11 !

  6. I don't think Aurora is going to do much of anything because their earnings don't look so hot for the next quarterly earnings report/unless Nelson peltz pulls an ace out of a hole nothing will happen, other than the stock dropping

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