Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB NYSE:ACB) Awarded Maximum Lots in German Tender Process

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Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB) (NYSE:ACB) (FRA:21P) CCO Cam Battley discusses Aurora Sun, the company’s latest production facility, which promises to …

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  1. Global domination in every market…GO AURORA… The other (3) jumped too fast for a quick money boost. Intellegence got blinded by greed….Now they're stock with limited opitons ….ts not just about legal joints or get to high from beer….its way bigger than this

  2. ….blah blah,….. it has been 5 years and this company makes ZERO profit, selling weed…think about this…weed and zero profit? wow…… BUT I BET WHEN THEY Legalize EDIBLES…lmao… the very business model is off… their value is too much…. a dude with a basement light is more efficient, as you can see now that illegal costs of weed is half of legal retail and dropping fast, they can not compete and they know it … the initial investors made their money and ran while idiots keep hoping people will smoke more dope, naaa the more legal it is the less people partake ….you know how its easy to tell they will never make money? its been 5 yrs and no one in dope smoking community knows their name or gives a rats ass other than shareholders …. BUT YOU GO AHEAD ÀND BUY THEIR STOCK

  3. It’s very scary that he sounds like a sneaky car salesman. Making everything sound so rosy. I’m selling all my shares at the opening bell.

  4. well at least the bogus "hints" at partnerships via the coffee cup, engergy drink, seem to be gone, good, just the facts mam, just the facts.

  5. Um their chemical cannabis can't even be sold in the states…I guess their plan is to change the laws in USA? Good Luck guys. I would hate to be the employees working around all those chemicals. I guess there will be a place for mcdonalds level cannabis in the legal market. This ceo needs to get off the adderal.

  6. I bought a share just to watch I initially invested in cron bought in at 7 and lower sold at 15 now I’m waiting on the next underdog to flourish

  7. Awesome work Midas. Things are getting there. check out the production and video quality of MkbHD. this is the level you want your production quality. This will throw you into the major leagues. I think its bigger more diffusion on your lights to soften the shadows give everything a cleaner look. Maybe bounce off white v flats. Once you get more light you can Tweak your color grading more saturation and deeper blacks.
    Mkbhd ref video

  8. Any shareholder who sells before October is not too bright. With the ostensible possibility of multiple partnerships and the legalization of edibles, the stock will pop.

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