August 2020 Update

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This is our first post and many posts will hopefully follow.

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2020 has been a difficult year for many due to Covid-19. Hopefully life will start to return to normal soon. We remain healthy and are dedicated to providing high quality cannabis-related news and research to all of our subscribers.

We took some time to reorganize our website so that the content is organized more in line with what our viewers want. The main sections of the website are now Cannabis News, Cannabis Medical Benefits, Growing Cannabis, and Updates. Updates will contain cornerstone content (research, tutorials, reviews) created by the GanjaScoop team. There is also a How To Quit section for those looking for tips on how to quit cannabis.

We also created some cannabis and cryptoscoop themes merchandise. Our favorite, the “Devils Lettuce” tee is shown below. Our store is located on a Teespring Store for those intersted in partaking. All proceeds will go towards improving this website.

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