Alt-Right Supporter & Black Lives Matter Supporter Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut

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  1. I think people should just stop associating with large parties because they group too many personalities into one stereotype. I purposely avoid it and just say I’m independent. If people want to know my beliefs they actually have to talk to me.

  2. 'at least be willing to talk to me' meanwhile he's passionately expressing how he feels and shes sitting there like 'calm down bro its all good youre just wrong'

  3. Not salty about the video or either sides representation (I’m neither) but there was an unfair intelligence gap in the conversation that made it harder to actually create a reasonable argument

  4. This guy isn’t alt right he’s just almost like middle ground and little more towards the right. This girl is BLM but more towards the center than most of BLM

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