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GanjaScoop’s vision is to curate high quality cannabis content as a resource for those interested in cannabis / marijuana.

The site has been working since March 2018, to gather information on quality news, business developments, investing, health-related (including cessation), and cultivation from various sources across the internet.

GanjaScoop began as a personal initiative by the founder as a means of keeping up with the rapidly evolving legal Cannabis industry in Canada and in other parts of the world.

We support our viewers by collecting information and organizing it in a user friendly way such as business, growing cannabis, cannabis oil, cannabis medical benefits, how cannabis works, side effects, and how to quit. As time goes on this website plans to evolve with the community accordingly and increase the amount of original content when possible.

GanjaScoop does its best to be one of the most trusted names in cannabis news and values passion, integrity, and diversity.