A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut

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  1. This is a beautiful video, compassion like this needs to be more prevalent in today’s world, no matter what your religion or beliefs in general, it doesn’t change the fact that we are all human and we’re all here for the same reasons, to find a greater purpose and the meaning in the madness.

  2. I respect this priest, he is not like any other homophobic ones out there and the rabbi for listening to the atheist and not judging him, the world should be like this🤗🤗🤗, this is what GOD wants us to be like- to love one another😍😍😍

  3. i hate when people try to say Christianity is anti science they are only looking at the small picture they may be intelligent but they don't understand

  4. I have to say, I came here because I thought it would be a really funny video. But the part that the Rabbi blessed that guy was really beautiful and powerful

  5. The people who hate gays won't be in heaven anymore than a gay man who hates God. True "Christianity" is living a life in which you become the servant of the people; you love them, you help them, you talk to them with respect and you don't hate them for anything they do including striking you on the cheek(turn the other one).

    The problem in the world is everyone is lying to themselves; were all scared, we all know the world is coming to an end, were just willing to sit by entertained while it happens because it's out of our control anyway.

    Science does not disprove anything in the bible it just simply gives explanations for mechanics of sound, light, and matter and how you explain them is you're worldview.

    It's time to come back to what we know as humans; were weak, were nothing compared to whatever is greater than space, were still just mud people.


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