A lawyer explains Canadian cannabis law and its effect on medicinal access

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Robert Laurie of Ad Lucem Law Corporation explains how Canadian recreational cannabis law has effected medicinal access. *** Do you fit the description of …

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  1. It seems as though Canada lumped medical cannabis into the recreational legislation and as a consequence removed supply to thousands of actual patients who rely on cannabis for serious health concerns.

  2. It was never legalized… was just re regulated and all cannabis sold at the gov stores is absolute garbage!.. grow your own !!!!

  3. grow your own…..take the gooberment right out of the equation. Learn how and do it. Use nongooberment seeds, they are marked genetically.

  4. What is needed is to remove all rules on this plant, let us do what ever we want. LEGALIZE not CRIMINALIZE it is what has happened. Disrespected the cannabis as a herb, this is not a drug. This is a HERB, and herbs are free, ME, HERB, PLANT. That is it.
    Leave the creation alone, nobody has a right to rule on GODS creation. GOD has the only authority on this plant. Relax this now for we will stop this disrespect for the people. This has to stop, it will not stop, cause JUSTIN is not Justice here. Apparently, it is Apparent that only the creator has the Authority to rule on this subject, so it is A Parent that has the ruling over there own child. Apparently it is Apparent that A Parent is Apparently A Parent, Apparently. The only one with Authority. Nobody has the authority of this plant, HERB, but GOD. Erase all the rules, NO RULES FOR POT….#FREETHEWEED #NEEDPOTNOW

  5. I have been growing my wife's medicine for over 6 years under her license because I have never trusted the government's LP and their restricted cannabinoid products and the use of chemicals that they deemed acceptable to human health. This is how we continue to keep our medicine and it hurts to see others not able to get their medicine.

  6. Jesus Christ man! If this is your best performance you must be a fuk'n dud in court! Pick it up a bit and act like you're actually connected to your dialogue! Medical patients are fuk'd if this is the best representation they can find!

  7. Jesus Christ, it's not that hard, just get the government the hell out of it. You don't see this kind of a problem when it comes to alcohol or cigarettes because they are the overtaxed population control mechanisms of governments across the world and they keep big pharma in business as much as the fast food industry does. Let people use it and research it and stop with all of this bullshit like "legalizing" it yet still allowing companies to fire people for using it on their own time or worse yet, appearing to cater to cannabis culture in order to get what they want. They just want to tax and regulate the hell out of it and if it actually is good for people in some way then that research will not see the light of day without a hard, honest and public fight. They want you to believe in their drugs and they will appear to be on your side until the hammer drops and it's time to fuck over the useful idiots once again. Wake up people, the days of smoking it and actually being a little concerned because you had to be careful were actually better than where we are now with this and we are currently teetering atop the edge of a much steeper cliff all too unaware of the fact that we are about to fall.

  8. These dispensaries are providing an essential service for medical patients!!!  L.P.'s have chosen profit over patients!!!! L.P.'s giving priority to beer company's and the recreational market over cancer patients is disgusting!!!  My experience with L.P.'s fit the description you are looking for and will email you shortly. Licenced Producers and the Canadian government couldn't care less about medical patients!  Thank you so much for taking a stand in court on this matter!  Bravo!!!!

  9. Why not just make your own edibles/concentrates/tinctures or what not from the flowers/oil in the mean time?

    I for one am a medical Cannabis user in a non legal state (in the US), and i'm fine with flower. But i think we should all keep in mind that while things could no doubt be rolled out a good bit better, it is going to take governments some time to get things really set up, i just hope that eventually the governments do what the people want rather than what the governments say goes and we have to obey. Just legalize it, let people have their recreational use, let medical patients have their medical use, let people grow their own and use whatever they wanna use. It's really not a big deal, but we all know that government likes to drag it's feet and will go down kicking and screaming on this issue lol.

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