5 Gardening Tips and Ideas that Actually Work

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I don’t know about you, but here on YouTube there are some weird channels that have all sorts of “garden tips” that are either inconvenient, dumb, or flat out …

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  1. With the felt pots. Do u grow the plants it's entire life cycle in them? Or take the plant out to re plant them in ground?

  2. Old cut sponges could have residual chemicals or cleaners in them. rotten wood i have found is a better alternative if you have access to it. like a mini hugal garden

  3. I live in the desert area of Arizona and the felt pots really do not work well for the reason there is not enough humidity. I had to water at least twice a day and sometime 3 times because the felt dried much to quickly. I tried all different sizes and it was always the same issue. I did like the idea of the sponge in the bottom of the pots.

  4. I like using natural products whenever possible. Instead of sponges, this year I am inspired by Hugelkultur (sp?) and putting a bit of straw that acts like the coffee filter and small twigs in the bottom of all my containers to act like sponges. I've been saving all plastic containers for a few years for mini greenhouses and to protect plant stems. Instead of felt pots, I use my chicken feed bags and just roll down the tops to whatever height I need.

  5. My best trellises are box springs with the fabric taken off. You can find them readily, for free, everywhere. If you're in a housing development, just paint them. No one will know.

  6. I tried using laundry baskets + weed fabric for air pruning a few years ago. Looked so "hillbilly." Definitely want to try felt pots and have replaced plastic hanging pots with those coconut liners. Also have a never ending battle with poison oak and poison ivy. Need to try that stuff. Will try the sponges and coffee filters too. Why didn't I think of that, es after trying the baby diapers a few years ago?

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