5 DIY Cannabis Extracts for Chronic Pain, Insomnia, and Depression

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You can make cannabis extracts at home that work wonders for chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. Get the cannabis recipes to make at home for medical …

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  1. Wish I could use it for my multiple chronic & acute pain conditions, but cannabis isn't legal where I live. I also don't really trust the whole "CBD" line of produce, as I tried one of those "E.Z. Watt" vape devices & even the lowest setting felt like I was burning the lining of my throat/inhaling burning plastic (& it was brand new, so it wasn't a fault with the coil). Plus, I didn't have much faith in the "cannabis oil extract" anyway; because I'm also highly immune to many drugs, medications & sedatives (even epidurals & local anaesthetic have no effect on me, to a point where my dental work used to require general anaesthetic every time). I feel like I would have to smoke the actual cannabis plant in order to take my pain away; & to have any hopes of ridding me of the heavy doses of useless morphine I'm already swallowing several times daily. I'm not about to break the law, though… 😥💭💊👎

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