Vaping Pot More Powerful Than Smoking It

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Welcome to Impact Factor, your weekly dose of commentary on a breaking medical study. This week, we’re going green with a look at a study appearing in …

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  1. So is their any health risk with vaping thc, like I’ve been hearing so many different things. Like I get that there’s health risks with both but like can you get popcorn lung and shit like that from vaping it. I’ve had a shatter pen for like a month and I love it just cause I can microdose hella easy and pretty much cancel out paranoia

  2. Been committing to my Mighty since I got bronchitis from a day of smoking bong rips with a cold. I can literally taste the bong toxins coming out with every productive cough now – that's how I know it's better for me.

  3. The medical world lacks details only users are aware of. When smoking you dont deliver the [(%thc ) x quantity rolled] to your system. A huge part is destroyed by high temps of combustion and a good part smokes in the air so… LOVE MY PAX 3 !!!!!

  4. Never thought I'd get an opportunity to call Medscape ignorant, but here it is.
    The drug is called cannabis you ignorant fools. A pot is what you cook food in, and cannabis is nature's mood stabilizer. Come-on don't be a dolt.

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