The Benefits of CBD Oil – Learn From a Doctor

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  1. Can the CBD Oil by itself without the THC still have a profound effect on the nervous system especially for treating cases of severe anxiety and depression, because on other forums many are against THC sighting it as toxic. Your response will be appreciated.

  2. I'm recovering from the effects of aggressive cancer and treatments. I was surprised at the pain level and chronic fatigue that continued when treatments were complete. The doctor prescribed a pain medicine that made me a zombie. So I stopped taking it. I tried the CBD oil and was pleasantly surprised at the relief I got. Also, I was glad that there was absolutely no "high" effect.

  3. Dr Miller, I have Nephropathy in my hands and feet. My life is miserably. I'm 65 Will this CBD oil help me. Do you sale this? how can i get it. Thank You!

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