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  1. First i want to praise your beautiful face and next the products you introduce which is CBD products and it was a good review on introducing the product and how it has a good effect i might try this products.

  2. This CBD oil proposed by the calm by wellness was very good that it helps me to sleep, relax and etc. it also helps me to lessen the anxiety level that I have and it is because of the cannabinoid that have the CBD oil.

  3. Thanks for this review. Would totally recommend this product to those who are having hard time sleeping and has anxiety, this will help them big time!

  4. I bought this product and it literally works every time I use it. How amazing they made a product CBD Oil just to help you overcome your stress.

  5. *Correcting myself * full spectrum vs board spectrum is full means it’s created from the whole plant & can contain up to .03%thc (some) & board means whole plant but thc. So work the same

  6. I got the product you’ll fall in love with. You’ll be raving about it. It’s a non profit that promotes it.

  7. That sleeping chart you showed was awesome! Love that you actually showed a legit way to track if Calm CBD works or not.

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