Medical Marijuana Side Effects and Drug Interactions: Let's have a conversation

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Pharmacist Sam Lewis discusses some side effects and drug interactions of medical marijuana. There are approximately 500 studies on cannabis/marijuana …

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  1. Total bunk. I've been basically chain smoking joints since 1976, except for 2 one-year periods where I didn't smoke at all. I don't drink and I don't smoke tobacco and I don't take any pharma unless I'm really really sick…and that's about once every 5 years. I started smoking weed at 19. I went to diesel mechanics trade school on a full tuition scholarship after acing the entrance exam. I received an award at graduation for perfect attendance. I then went to college where I earned a Bachelor's degree with a dbl minor. I passed my private pilot exam on the first try; I was cleared to solo after only 8 hours. I'm a Mensan(#100179486, Channel Islands, CA chapter). I invested carefully in the stock market in the 90's as one leg of my retirement plan. I spent over 20 years with General Motors as a District Service Manager, being transferred around the country 6 times with my family, as the corporation gave me experience in every facet of the company from Central Office to Special Assignments with GM Powertrain and Delco Electronics working at GM's Proving Grounds, to Passenger Car field service, to Medium Duty Truck, then Fleet & Commercial, and finally Premium Vehicles in SoCal. I parleyed our home equity with each move to build home equity. I started in debt, paid back my student loans, and became a self-made millionaire at 52, when I took a severance package and retired to a condo on the beach between Malibu and Ventura. Cannabis has had zero negative effects on me. All my friends over the years since college smoked pot and none of them ever had any issues with weed, except legal ones related to its illegality. Stop lying and perpetuating false government propaganda surrounding marijuana. It's a safe healthy alternative to alcohol, pharma and other drugs. YOU are the problem.

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