5 BEST Marijuana Stocks for HIGH Returns [Ask the Bow-Tie Nation]

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  1. I still think it’s too early. We don’t have enough states with legalization, and until the federal government deschedules, there will be a complete disconnect between US cannabis company profits and public funding because of the difficulties in nationwide banking of cannabis company assets. If you invest now, you’re gonna basically be betting on the Canadian market. I don’t think this is not bad, but it’s definitely not a a good long term investment because their market is not going to be anywhere near a fraction of what the US market will be once weed is legalized nationwide. Also, even if the Canadian market does prevail long term, the current cannabis funds haven’t hit a bottom since their inception, and some of them (like MJ) aren’t completely pureplay. The only way I’ll invest in cannabis is if:

    1.) Federal descheduling and legalization of recreational weed in all 50 states
    2.) A cannabis fund adopts closer to a 60% stake in US companies
    3.) A cannabis fund hits a bottom and goes green (pun intended) for a solid month.

    And I think these conditions may not be met for another 5-10 years. Until then, I’ll sit on the sidelines.

  2. I made a killing off of $CRON with the news.. then lost 50% of my earnings..
    3 of these are still on my watch list, but waiting to see how things play out!

    Thank you for covering this topic! 🙏

  3. Good morning Mr. Hogue. I would like to start investing in stocks but have no idea how to, where to go or where to start at. Please help. Thanks in advance

  4. I’ve always been interested in buying bonds but haven’t because of confusion. Can you make a video on how to purchase individual bonds and what to look for in purchasing bonds?

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