Canopy Growth (CGC) Update: Constellation Brands Increases Stake in Cannabis Producer’s Stock

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Canopy Growth (CGC) Update: Constellation Brands Increases Stake in Cannabis Producer’s Stock Description: Constellation Brands increased its stake in …

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  1. don't buy options in a multiyear year industry, especially in volatility – buy and hold if you believe in the company. Acreage Holdings and US legalization is their only hope if you look at the financials

  2. Toxic super fund site and the litigation will take any profit these intellectual idiots claim..CBD is nothing but a marketing fraud with baseless health claims,,class action for anybody who purchased..Indoor grown marijuana and mites/mold…the state tests for…What is being used to prevent mites/mold..Industrial strength pesticides, prescription strength anti fungals and liquid nitrogen,phospatate,potassium that sparkles and burns when inhaling ,all detrimental to ones health..Weed has been grown outside, organically …until big cooperations paid their dirty cop intelligence iofficers to spy on Americans and arrests every home grower across this nation..All these liquid chemicals, prescriptions and pesticides are then allowed to seep 24/7 into the soil these dispensaries stand on…ENVIROMENTAL AND HEALTH HAZZARDS…..Destroying the aquifers these stains pollute//knowingly…CLASS ACTION WILL WIPE THESE POLLUTING FRAUDS PROFITS…DOWN THE DRAIN….SELL OFF AND TANK THESE SCUM

  3. I prefer canopy rivers at these prices but I have 50/50 in growth and rivers as a sort of protection against ignorance but I do have a strong feeling rivers is at least 5 x more undervalued than growth.share buyback this early proves it

  4. canopy has strong fundamentals, however the sp500 sell off will crush the price, below 10 dollars i think, and it maybe better to wait till year end for a look-see on buying canopy for the long term. i am hopefull of it being a 5 dollar stock, and i'll get my wheelbarrow of cash ready……………..

  5. Hi, I am Pablo and I am long CGC Jan,15 10$ calls and i dont know whether take profits or wait to increase the position. Also I just bought ACB calls 0.5$ Strike at $0.32 and i would like to know your opinion about Aurora Cannabis because i know its in a bad situation but they are changing things in the company and at some point should be a good buy out. Thanks very much in advance.

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