1. I would like to say that its absolutely disgusting how some people waste there time growing such plant's in the gardens as daffodils, roses ,rosemary, and so on .
    Good job my son !!!
    Looking fuck'n spectacular!!!!

  2. A quote from another outdoor grower on YouTube once said that if you find one or two caterpillars in your plants,then you have a ton more that you can’t see

  3. Nice plants Dude, I got my first out door grow going, I'm in Central Cal. My plants are 5-6' tall bushes and many that are 3-4', and all nugged up and getting nuggier by the minute. Mine are in the ground, dug holes added a bucked of good soil. These plants are stinking up the neighborhood. I luv growing and I been having almost as much fun setting up my security setup w motion detectors, cameras, red strobe and a siren that will wake the dead. I harvested a couple of earlies today, monster 18" fat ass heavy spears of stinky gooey lusciousness. I've had the spider mites, caterpillars, The helicopter and hobby drone circling my house is a concern. The few samples I've taken off my blue dreams are frikin potent and not yet done, another 4 weeks for most plants and a few late ones also. Maybe I shud post a short vid showing my humble garden. Luv ya man, keep posting. Rando

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