1. I agree. I had the same experience with it, thats why I'm here a year later after falling down a similar slippery slope. The trigger for me was after using CBD for so long, weed became legal. Thanks for your videos!

  2. I definitely had that same experience, I had to sneak off from the kids and it left that odor on my cloths. I ended up giving away the rest I had, tried a vape cart afterwards but that would give me headaches and make me fiend for it so I would just hit it constantly. The tincters are the way to, [www.cbdpure.com] this place has the best tinctures I've ever gotten. Plus it has a 90 day guarantee, I definitely feel like you get your money's worth plus full spectrum is the way to go when using CBD.

  3. yeah i feel the same way about milk chocolate ice cream…just leads to one bowl after another..more bowls..3 or four bowls a night…. pretty soon you are fat like a hog…suey…lord sometimes you just have to take a break …and lose a little weight…chocolate ice cream can be a cold slippery slope too…start hanging around seedie characters at baskin robins…suspension on your car goes bad on the drivers side…elevators strain…too many tickets to fly….hey at least you are paying attention…lol…

  4. CBD vaping helped me a lot with quitting, but the CBD bud just reminded me too much of the other stuff. I personally had the same experience as you had with CBD bud. I think CBD is great, but the bud just increased my cravings. The look, smell, taste, and the novelty is just too similar. Vaping CBD helped me so much, because it helped calm my nerves when the cravings got really bad, and it helped by replacing my old habit with a new fun one. The novelty of having all of the different flavors with the CBD vaping made it almost like, this new cool thing to replace the “old cool” thing.

    In short, I agree with you completely. CBD bud just seems like it will make you prone to relapse. If CBD bud is like O’Doul’s, then IMO vaping is like drinking a water/juice/club soda instead of alcohol. What’s everyone else’s experience with CBD bud?

  5. That’s the same with me brother to me it just made feel as though I was back to smoking weed. It’s relation is to close to weed and minus the effects, it just made me feel like I was back to smoking weed. Just the process of it and combined with the effects made me really feel like I was smoking a weaker version of weed. I know I’m more sensitive then others but for me I wanted to quit every and anything that has to do or remind me of weed and that was something that made me feel like the same old pothead that would go out my way to smoke somewhere in a corner lol.

  6. This channel is a major pillar for my quitting journey and many others 💡Piece to you. It’s up to me whether I’ll succeed or not, which I will. On the video itself, personally from experience smoking a bud of something that doesn’t get me high just makes want me to smoke an actual bud

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