Home Grow Series – Drying and Curing Cannabis at Home

In this episode, we show you how to dry and cure your cannabis while working within Canada’s 4-plant legal limit. UrbanRemo’s Trimming and Drying Series: …

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  1. All I get is Hay around these parts in the uk. It's awful. The quality of winter weed is dire coz no one wants to put their heating on. The whole system here is dumb & daft. It helps no one.

  2. Your scrog net is drying your cannabis but yet you didn't scrog your plant as it grew? Very confused. Also, if you want to avoid any hay smell/flavor at all, hang the entire plant upside down for 10-14 days for slow drying which leads into the perfect cure. It's always lead to the best quality product.

  3. It was my understanding that the curing process involves the buds taking that little bit of left over moisture from inside the stock and dispersing it throughout the bud. Allowing for a nice breakup of the bud and a smooth smoke.

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