Grow Marijuana: Volunteer Marijuana Outdoors Part 2 (feat. Jimmy the Chef)

Volunteer marijuana plants in Jimmy the Chef’s outdoor cannabis garden. Volunteer marijuana plants tend to acclimate to the local weather and soil conditions …

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  1. Jorge what do you think, it's better more dark o more light for the development of trichomes? I would appreciate the answer very much, and thank you for all the videos. you rock noble sir! saludos desde Uruguay

  2. Today (8-29) Farmer Joe Parker was sentenced to an unknown term in jail by accepting a plea deal (6 months to a year) for being set up by a bunch of people a hash company who doesnt deserve any part in this community. He's in jail rite now away from his 3 year old son and wife for making Clear! The food grade Clear, the amazing oil that aids in curing cancer!! As much as I hate asking to bring up something negative, you should bring awareness to the corruption that such genuine people such as Farmer Joe, are still being impacted by . He needs your support!

  3. Jorge you're living the dream man. I wish I could work with cannabis. I really love this wonderful plant and I would love to take care of some plants and learn more about it but well its not legal where I am from and I don't have any opportunity to move somewhere where it's legal.
    keep up the good work man.

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