1. Hi GrenG, i have airpots but i'd like to know if this root training with this pot could be good for all the life cycle of an autoflower plant, or if airpots are just made for transplanting it (so a feminized could be better,not an auto) and improve the growth explosion through this pre-root training. Thanks, I think many people would like to know, and I didn't find any source online about it.

  2. You only water every 2-3 days? I bet your yields are shit bruh… feed DTW every day! Especially in fabric pots! If I left my girls 3 days they’d be dead lol but I do use 8000w gavitas not sure what you use

  3. Those plants are tiny dude. I don't mean to sound like a troll but those aren't stretching because of the pots. They are stretching because you need more light. More blue light will keep shorter.

  4. Thank you for the video. Great informative video. Looking to be a first time legal medical cannibis grower. After watching your video I think I'm gonna definitely try them . My question to u is have u ever tried the product rootblast on any of your plants or do u recommend any thing during initial plant growth from seed. Thx.

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