How I Mix My Advanced Nutrients Big Bud,Bud Candy, Flowering Nutrients complete Grow Series Part 20

21 AND OLDER PLEASE! This Ch is being filmed and grown in the state of Oregon. I set this How to Grow Weed easy ch. Because at one time I had nobody to …

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  1. Does it matter what order you apply the nutrients in the water I thought you was supposed to put cow mag into the water before you put any of the other nutrients and mix please explain if anyone has answers?

  2. Just did my Nutrients mixing Video posted it then seen your video here. What up Growmie??? Hope all is well with you and yours Fam… I agree uneducated means ignorance lets spread the word and seed of Creation. Rock on Fam!!! Cheers!!

  3. Dude red stems or stocks are a good thing ! not bad ! it means the hormones have changed to start the flowering. This happens every time that light cycle is changed to a 12-12 cycle. It is not an indication of any kind of deficiency . The red is the food going from the leaves to the buds with new hormones that are changed for flowering.

  4. I've got to laugh at what yous nyoung growers put into you plants.whe I grew I used a coco grow and bloom and npk from the doller store I got my coco fro there as well and most of my plants we'd the same size as my friends how spent hundreds of pounds on all this poison. .It may be good for yield but if it's for your own why add all that crap

  5. Love your attitude towards this (the end of the video) I’ve thought about making another YouTube account to show people some how easy hydroponics is, not sure though any tips ?

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