1. What's good bro.. I just seen this video. The tri leaf plant is usually because a plant that is vegging went into the flowering stage and then went back into the veg stage the leaves start all over again like when it's a seedling first tri leaf then five leaf and so on. The two main branch that grew was because it got topped. Whenever you take the top off a plant just the sprouting bud at the top of the plant it will turn into 2 if you keep doing it every branch you top will turn into 2. Good luck bro. 👍🏼🙏🏼

  2. Think if I shoot u a pic u a be able to help me decide if my plant 🌱 male or female. Would appreciate it alot bro. Also wanna try and see if I can get some of the seeds from the rizzo special again startin off so just trying to learn and grow a lil experience

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