Complete 4×8 Grow Tent Setup For Growing Cannabis! – Indoor Garden

In this video, I give insight on a complete 4×8 grow tent setup for growing cannabis – indoor garden. Feel free to leave questions in the comments section and …

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  1. Not sure if you go through old comments but I personally like the vivosun 600w kits I actually have 4 of them. I had a problem with one of my ballasts but I quit running it for a few days plugged it back in and it started working again. It was the same problem when adjusting the wattage.

  2. I actually have everything written down for a similar set-up, I was going to get the cloudline T6 and the lights I'm going to use are Hydrofarm ts3000, and I'm thinking about 7 gal smart pots as well but I want to use subcools super soil recipe…what you think?

  3. I bought all I Power equipment…here's my review for anyone who cares…I power 5×5 tent..After 1 grow with my tents negative pressure I started noticing pinhole light leaks…I just threw some black gorilla tape over the holes. Gonna move up to a better quality 4×8 and keep the I Power 5×5 for a veg tent……The I power 1000w-xxl fixture, and ballast work great, and I bought the 8in and 10in inline fans, both work great…..The I Power 10in carbon filter working ok still on its second run…..The 1000w HPS bulbs are just OK and work…But for 50$ I can get a Horti Super HPS that makes 17% more light so I'm vegging with the I power HPS dimmed down, and flowering with the Hortilux.

  4. I have two of those $150 4×8 tents. They work just fine. I run two, that way I'm harvesting every two months or so. I'm using the Mars Hydro 3000 lights in the middle, and two Wills 600's. One inlet 4" fan and one carbon fan on top. I've got maybe $600 in each tent. So far so good. Works great if you are on a budget. I also have a small dehumidifier and a hepa air circulator in the room.

  5. NEED HELP* Finishing my first outdoor grow and now getting a tent to grow all year long indoor as well. First time growing indoor I'm getting a 4 x 8 perpetual grow tent with a 1 x 4 nursery extension. My question is should i do 2 phlizon 2000w cob leds or should I do 1 phlizon cob in center length wise and 2 600 watt viparspectras crosswise on each side of the cob light? It would be around 900 watts/ $600 for 2 phlizon cobs and 971 watts/ $618 for 1 cob and 2 vipars.

  6. salute, thanks for the video this is something i was looking into. Was looking to use a 8×8 grow tent with (4) 600watt, (48) 2.5gallon buckets system. If i could replace hps with led what would be a good true value not so expensive but not cheap. i know you said the genetics blue dream,white widow, guerrilla glue is mostly what im looking into.

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