1. Mickey it’s been a while since I’ve made a statement on your platform. I heard they are closing the casinos that’s not good that will bankrupt the employees of Nevada. Real estate will nose dive I remember in 2010 when I went to Reno and saw for myself I could buy a house 3 bedroom 1 bath house for 65,000 I see those days coming very soon. I went to real estate school in Nevada I think I might move back if I see things heading on the cheap

  2. here it is

    One World Pharma Becomes Legal Seller
    of HEMP/CBD Seeds in Two Large Colombian Regions
    Company Already Has 2.5 Million Seeds in Inventory Ready for Sale

    LAS VEGAS, NV, March 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE ‒ One World Pharma Inc. (OTCQB: OWPC), a fully licensed pure-play cannabis and hemp ingredient producer in Colombia, is pleased to announce that the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), has approved the results of the characterization tests conducted by OWP of three non-psychoactive genetics in two sub-regions of the country at the same time. The approval establishes OWP as one of the few legal sellers of characterized hemp/CBD seeds in the Cauca and the Andina regions of Colombia, essentially greater Bogota and its surroundings.

    The approval will allow the Company to fulfill waiting purchase orders and to begin to commercialize its standing and growing inventory of roughly 2.5 million seeds. The Company believes the current market value for these seeds is between approximately $1 and $3 U.S. dollars per seed.

    Genetic characterization tests are a set of analytical tests that the ICA requires every hemp cultivator to undergo in order to produce and commercialize seeds in Colombia. Approval is only granted after a full cycle of crop growth, from seed/clone to harvest, and finally laboratory testing.

    To date, OWCP is the first company in Colombia to simultaneously undergo characterization tests in two sub-regions of Colombia and to be approved for both at the same time.

    “It is a tremendous achievement to have received these important and difficult to obtain approvals,” stated Brian Moore, President, One World Pharma. “This is a transformative moment as we are now firmly in a monetization cycle, with approvals and many up-front costs behind us.”

    “After years of quietly building this business we have now entered an all-new phase,” added Moore.

    One World Pharma Investor Relations & Financial Media

    Integrity Media


    Toll Free: (888) 216-3595


  3. You said in this video …..where should you invest……answer temporarily with the Virus Stocks……you do have to worry about shorters like Andrew Left who would rather have people with the virus vs what everyone wants and that is a treatment, cure and Vaccine…………..Mickey watch the politics…..

    I watched Trump yesterday on a TV that had the DOW in the corner of the screen……Trump at the beginning was at +900 and his speech right before the market closed hit about +1900 which means during his speech in the span of just under an hour made the stock market go up and DOW went up to +1900…….great speech……..everyone has to work together to make sure the US is ok…

  4. Thanks for the vid Mickey,
    I'm just gonna keep loading up on those gold stocks, coz when the market catches fire, I feel that everything will burn, but the only thing that won't burn, is gold it'll just turn into liquid money, lol.

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