Why vaping products need better regulations

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Amid growing concerns around vaping-related illnesses, attention is now turning to not only nicotine but also cannabis-based vape products and their potential …

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  1. Vaping has been around over a decade, no reported problems till as of recent, also THC oil vaping coincides with the timeline of the so called epidemic(dank vapes ring busted) because of the MSA, big tobacco, big pharma private companies like Johnson and Johnson are all on board the first minute they hear of a life saving product (adult used vaporizer products) causing them to loose a ton of money. The conspiracy runs deep and I have never been a conspiracy type of person, but I have been researching far to long to believe people the cover up facts that can save lives to as far as demonetization, clipping a story to direct it in a opposite direction, suppressing true facts and replacing them with tests like the mice that had 2000% more nicotine a human would take over 54 weeks, it’s a miricale they all didn’t die. One died in ambient filtered air, but they don’t tell you things like that…..all to make a buck over people know the truth, the welfare of society altogether, people’s health over a dollar. I could go on and on. These are sad times.

  2. We have to look at the right side they're figuring out why people are dropping dead rest in peace for all the people that passed away fortunately unnecessarily my condolences go out to all the families that lost your loved ones,

    I rather have people being safe then being sorry I'm a vapor and Yes I think all of it has to be regulated the good THC the CBC end of vaping products they contain nicotine,

    Banding it sucks for everyone you can't get E-liquid flavors parts Hardware right now it's unfair but it's going to get better wait and see

  3. You know when the government and all these groups are so determined to destroy vaping even though the illness were caused by illegals products tells you there’s a big conspiracy in play here that includes fda / cdc / anti smoking campaigns / governors / Tobaco lobbyist / big pharma the one thing they all have in common is they rely heavily on Tobaco sales and all pay a lot of money to play !

    Money is the root of all evil politicians are corrupted and easily bought

  4. the deaths are from the black market thc the fda and cdc knows this but still wants ti kill vaping so the 46 states can get there msa money from the big tobacco companies so how about go after the stores that are sales to kids by giving the big fines or even better taking away the license to sell tobacco

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