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This writer and former laborer is exposing sexism and discrimination against women in the cannabis industry. » Subscribe to NowThis: …

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  1. Expungement for all, release from prison for all non violent cannabis offenders nationwide, lower taxes for equity businesses, and shared opportunity for all genders and races. There is a long way to go, and we've come a long way.

  2. Sigh Its not a video unless it's about racism and or sexism, huh Now This?
    My neighborhood dispensary is an all women staff minus the one security guy and POSSIBLY MAYBE a handful that package it in the back if I had to guess. How do you feel about that one? Are they slaves too, or was it's "reverse sexism" to hire nearly only women? Psst, the answer is its neither. It's very likely just who wanted the jobs and not a real problem (like most of your videos). People have autonomy and free will, accept it, and get over it.

  3. Seriously? If the people at the bottom don't like it, let them start their own company and become the top. It's awesome when that happens. You should try it. You will then see that providing jobs and opportunity for your employees is not exploiting them, it is providing them with jobs and opportunity. The only people who think they are being exploited are the losers who want a free ride without having to work for it or contribute anything. People like you and your whining friends, you know, ungrateful and entitled communist idiots.
    Sounds to me like you need to go get a job and experience The Wonder of capitalism. It's really great. With a little hard work you might actually become somebody and not keep being a hateful loser who whines about a living wage that you have not earned. If you want a living wage, contribute enough to deserve it, don't expect to steal it from someone else who is producing and contributing. I'm betting you probably smoke weed too. You are like a cancer cell producing nothing but poison and expending resources to the point that the cells around you die. It's called a parasite. Look in the mirror for more information on this subject, that is what you are. Now go get a job, loser. Quit imagining sexism and pay gaps everywhere, those are your stupid lies and Imagination. Then you will find some self-respect. You will find that it comes with self-sufficiency and the pride that is inherent with the satisfaction of a good days work.
    I know it's easier to sit around and whine about what a victim you are and how unfair it is but real work is so much more satisfying and you can actually buy your own stuff instead of taking it from others.
    I'm really hoping the best for you that capitalism has to offer. Don't forget to be grateful for the Liberties that you have in this country too.

  4. To answer your questions at the end of the video; "They won't be." "They won't be." and finally, "They won't be." This is the American free market at work. More profits for executives, minimum wage for workers (to increase profit.), and those who have been in charge stay in charge. Marijuana is like any other industry in America. If our system stays the same, weed companies will be the next Apple. Exploiting people on the bottom to elevate people on the top.

  5. so you got an illegal job with no contract whatsoever and dont get paid so you scream "sexism"!? you think men working there got paid in full?! are you nuts?!

  6. FUNNY! It's all about personal choices. You reap what you sow. Cnn is doing the same thing now. If you are an independent journalist and cnn purchased your story, you won't be paid for 90 days so they have a chance to promote and secure advertisers for that pice. (assuming they don't declare bankruptcy in the meantime) Make appropriate decisions and get appropriate results.

  7. Kelly Schirmann, did a okay job for your first time. Just got to work on the talking like your not reading part. The audio in the room wasn't great. Nor the looking up to read your script. I don't think people will care if you look up to read your script. Just the way that you are reading it needs to improve a bit. You are almost there, the flow of your writing is smooth.

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