Tips for making your THC oil cartridge last a little longer

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Easy tips many people overlook when trying to max out the life of their disposable cannabis oil cartridge.



  1. I love all the ppl saying he pays too much but do yall dumbasses know thats a real cart like from a dispensary, no dealer is gonna buy a half a g cart for 50 and only sell for 35 cause that shit is almost $100 for a full cart bc its real shit

  2. Nothing can make carts better. Not buying goods ones, not making it yourself. Why take your strong product (wax) and water it back down to a bowl hit. Stooooooopid consumers. Man up carry a portable enail.

  3. Thanks Jordan I'm like you. Always seeking ways to get the most from my medicine. I've been medicating for 40 years and Can ALWAYS use any and all tips!

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