2018 California Marijuana Laws. Are You Ready For a Change?

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In 2018 California’s marijuana scene as we know it is going to change a bit. To be honest, I’m not sure how things are actually going to play out but no matter what we will be here to take…


  1. It's a mess.. With cities being able to tax on top of the state tax. And decided if its sold in their city to begin with. What could go wrong right…
    Prices are rediculous right now.
    First person to buy paid almost 50$ for 3 joints. And a top shelf eigth 3.5 grams went for 120$
    It was a $6 tax . For 3 grams of flower for me today.
    Also having a baggie or jar in your car is equivalent to a open beer container now. Watch how many weed dui cops start handing out as well.
    We were better off with it as medical. This is corpratizing the weed industry in a very bad way.. Corporate farms will have unlimited access to expand and grow.. While smaller grow buisness will be limited to a certain farm size.
    It's a money grab for government and the buisness people set up to do large scale production.
    Best bet will be to grow your own. But with cities having final sayin that too. You're going to get a absolute mess of cities with different rules and regulations and nobody will know whats going on other than they are getting theirs and profiting in the process..

  2. I grew-up in California and had my Cali drivers license for many years. Then I moved to AZ for 8 years. It was easy to exchange my Cali Drivers License to get my AZ drivers license and get my AZ mmj card. Now I'm back in Cali and Cali is demanding my Birth Certificate to get a Cali Drivers License, so I can legally buy mmj in Cali. I'm 55 years old and was born in Canada.
     I don't even know where my Birth certificate is.
    I just want to be able to buy my mmj. Any ideas?

  3. So cool that it's looks like you're smoking meth..but you're not… you're so cool!
    Accept for the you're a complete weirdo junkie.
    You should watch these videos and see how creepy you are when smokin you're crack dabs.

  4. if you could make cookies as clean and potent drooling clear headed buzzing potency that was at cpa / early central days that would be the spot beyond spots but thats a lot of locations!

  5. I never understood why the prices stayed the same as street prices. Medical dispensaries fucked up on pricing but people dont care as long as they can get weed. Its really sad.

  6. My last piece broke from the heat from the titanium nail and torch…cracked around slowly….still hasnt broke but is all cracked up…i think res is holding it together….

    Suggest a fix?! Thicker glass? Or did i torch way too hot? ehhhh?

  7. Our firm is writing allot of applications for licensing let me know if you need any help. Yes it all comes down to the city and municipality…our firm is on the front lines and can hook you up through the regulatory framework.

  8. Shit I hope Chicagoland mmj laws become less harsh in 2018
    I personally want to start fabricating extract equipment this coming year, would be great if I could let Chubbs try it out and get realistic feedback from him.
    Chubbs knows his shit, been watching his vids since I was 14 or 15…21 now
    from day 1 I knew he has more experience than 98% of people in the industry. Thanks Chubbs, Cheers

  9. Yo chubbs will there still be a way to pursuit mmj in ca? Will home growers still be able to sell to dispensaries? Will the market be too saturated? Watched the vid of your friend making 18k a month. I assume that is outdated. How about starting a mmj dispensary or delivery? Please give me your opinion on the mmj hustle in present day

  10. We have shops in long beach that always get raided I guess because you only need a IDand be over 21 when the law doesn't take into effect until January. It's kind of annoying because weedmaps shows these shops are updated with there menu then you show up to the shop and there doors are closed. It's sketchy hopefully by next year we get some new legit local shops that are permanent.

  11. Before we legalized marijuana here in washington everybody said it would cost way more and be harder to get. Currently in my area I visit multiple rec shops from the beach to the capital and we have HUNDRENDS of strains of all price ranges and qualities. the lowest avg price I've found for a G of oil is 10-15$ and the highest is around 50$ for distillate with fruit terps I've also found 21% 80$ ozs almost on the regular and the high side is usually about 220-250$ for a DANK oz and everything inbetween. The recreational industry made lots of jobs in my area and police are very relaxed around here. They understand when it is truly impairing you at least in my area… sad to say some cops are gunna do what they want. don't know what Cali is gunna do but that's the jist of what I've been observing.

  12. I'm such a big fan, and I'm ecstatic that you are back. Though you were the original and ultimate weed tuber, I can appreciate your real life business ventures and necessary escape from your online presence. Everyone else on YouTube just plays up to their audience and are slaves to their sponsorships. As always, best wishes.

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