200 Watt 7 Ounce LED Cannabis Grow

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PhytoMAX 200 in 2.9 square feet (25″ X 17″) yields 7 ounces of top shelf Blue Dream. The 12 plants were cloned and immediately flipped once rooted for a true …

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  1. was thinking about purchasing the 200. we wanted to do 9 plants in a 3×3 area inside a 5x5x6 tent to start off. think we would yield more than you with the 200 using 3 gallon pots using only 3×3 area of the tent? dont know if i should get a hps or not since its cheaper

  2. Hi BDL, I'm a newbie and have a question for you. how did you keep your plants at such a low level? Was it pruning, the size of the pots or the strain of the plant? I'm about to take this up as a retirement hobby and love the size of your box and most importantly the yield you got from it. I understand the light is a very important part of it but there is more to it than that. Please let me know.


  3. Hi Guys, i just bought a phytomax 200, just a awesome light but im starting to have some issues with the heat. I have a 60x60x180 cm indoor tent with a 100mm x 250 m3/h carbon filter and the fan 100mm x 250 m3/h also. The thing is that i think it is not enough so im wondering which capacity of carbon filter you guys are using and exhale fan.

  4. Is there anyways you can give the blue print to this grow box in the video. I want to make my own. I was going to buy a KIND LED, but im not sure now that I seen black dog. They're just kind of expensive compared to other LED lights. Did the filter really get rid of the smell completely? Thank you.

  5. Do you think sog is the best way to go in shorter grow tents like a 2×2 grow tent. I dont think i would have enough room to to scrog. And how long did you veg before you flowered

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