10 Tips for Beginners – Maryland – Medical Marijuana

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If you are just a complete beginner, just getting started or trying our medical marijuana this is the place for you. if you can dab, ignore this. I am a beginner too, …

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  1. Is there any doctors that don't need medical records? I don't have any medical records whatsoever and haven't really been to the doctors because of lack of insurance and i'm looking to get my medical card but most places you need medical records to make an appointment with them.

  2. What a blessing you and this video have been to me. I received my card today and heading out to dispensary tomorrow. I am still nervous but have less anxiety after watching your videos. So THANK YOU for taking the time to do these😎😎

  3. We really feel the caring and passion behind your voice it's like your heart is beating to a new tune of life we appreciate you carrying the message across the world we are also popping in from time to time we can't say enough of how good everything is going have a happy holidays 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  4. As far as Sativa being an energetic high and Indica a relaxed feeling doesn't hold true for all. I had an ex who would ingest any cannabis and get hyper active. I have been using medical weed now for three weeks and all strains do the same to me. Sativa puts me to sleep just as much as Indica. My condition is neuropathy in my feet. I tried CBD oil and it did nothing.

    THC on the other hand works wonders. Instead of tossing and turning all night in pain I am sleeping well and having a lot less pain.

  5. You must have felt my need of help with all this. Just got my medical card last Wednesday and im trying to figure out which dispensary to go to first and looking at prices. My head spins just looking at everything. I need a quick crash course on measurements so ill know what the amount at least looks like. Thank you for this video you helped a lot. Started watching you when I applied now I'm official and on my way!

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